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Meet the Woman Behind the Jockey: The Fascinating Life of William Buick’s Wife, Jane Duncan

One of the most skilled jockeys in the world, William Buick has an amazing resume of Group 1 triumphs all over the world. But every successful guy has a loving woman who supports him; in Buick’s case, it would be Jane Duncan.

William and Jane at the Dorchester Hotel in London, at Cartier Racing Awards in 2021. (Source: Instagram)

Before getting married in the summer of 2021, Jane and William had been dating for more than nine years. At a breathtaking ceremony that was documented on their social media accounts, the pair exchanged their vows in the Cheveley chapel.

William and Jane’s wedding day, 01.08.2021. (Source:Instagram)

With approximately 3000 followers on her @jane_buick_ account, Jane is an active Instagram user. She frequently shares pictures of her husband and their two kids, and snippets of their life together. Jane’s account gives fans a look into the Buicks’ joyful family life, including details about their family trips and significant occasions.

Full Name Jane Buick
Nationality Norwegian
Husband William Buick
Job Horse Trainer
Religion Christianity
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Date of Birth 31st October, year Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight 68kg
Place of Birth Norway
Insta @jane_buick_
Age 35
Husband Insta @williambuick_official
Children Thomas David Buick and Oscar Roderick Buick
Mother Name Unknown
Father Name Unknown
Horoscope Scorpio
Hobby Gardening

William is stated to be appreciative of Jane’s consistent support throughout his professional life. He praised his wife for helping him maintain his strength among the ups and downs of horse racing in an interview with the Racing Post.

“She is always there, always supportive, and she is always happy. It’s nice to go home to someone like that,” he remarked.

The couple enjoying their friends’ surprise on their wedding day. (Source: Instagram)

It’s heart-warming to see that William Buick has a partner who is always at his side and supports him every step of the way in a sport where fortunes can be won and lost in an instant.

An Insight into the life of William Buick’s wife Jane Buick: Her Role as a Wife, Mother, and Horse Trainer

With more than 20 years of expertise in the equestrian field, Jane Buick is a well-known horse trainer. She has established a reputation as a knowledgeable and kind horse trainer who prioritizes the wellbeing of her horses above all else. She is renowned for her ability to develop a deep link of respect and trust with each horse she works with while also bringing out the best in them.

Jane and her baby son Thomas riding a horse. (Source: Instagram)

Buick developed a passion for horses as a child and started riding at a early age. She finally worked her way up, converting her love into a job. Her areas of expertise include dressage and show jumping, and she has prepared horses for both national and international events.

For her outstanding work with horses throughout the course of her career, Buick has received various honors and awards. Additionally, she is a well-known educator who trains students all around the world by imparting her knowledge. In addition to her duties as a trainer, Buick is a passionate supporter of horse welfare and devotes her whole career to advancing proper horse ownership and care.

Jane at the Barefoot Retreats Houghton International Horse Trials, happy, as she had jumped her first double clear. (Source: Instagram)

Overall, Jane Buick is a well-known individual in the equestrian world who is regarded for her capabilities, passion, and concern for the welfare of her horses.

A look into the family life of William Buick and his wife: Their joys and Challenges as Parents

William Buick and Jane Duncan (Buick) are the happy parents of the adorable Thomas David Buick and Oscar Roderick Buick. The couple frequently posts heart warming photos of their children on their social media pages, that give followers a glimpse into their family life. From their posts it is abundantly clear that they place a high value on their family and cherish the special times they get to spend with their kids. It’s clear that William and Jane are wonderful parents to their adorable children and fans love to see the happy family together.

Jane Buick looking gorgeous with her baby bump on her birthday. (Source: Instagram)

William and Jane were overjoyed when they welcomed their first child into the world on December 19th 2018 at 9:30am. They named him Thomas David Buick and shared the happy news with their followers on social media. As a Sagittarius, Thomas is said to be optimistic, adventurous and curious. From the pictures on social media, it is clear that the couple’s little one brings them so much joy and happiness.

The couple recently welcomed their second child, Oscar Roderick Bruick, into the world on October 3rd 2022. The couple announced the news on social media, sharing a photo of their newborn son. As of his birth date, Oscar’s zodiac sign is Libra. The Buick family has been celebrating the arrival of their new bundle of joy, and fans and followers have been sending their warm wishes and congratulations to the happy family.

The happy family’s latest Instagram photo, wishing followers and fans a Merry Christmas. (Source: Instagram)

William Buick and his wife Jane Inspire Others with Their Candid Story of Raising a Child with Autism

According to Jane Buick’s Instagram account, Thomas, their first child, has autism. The couple frequently uploads pictures of Thomas and his family as well as messages about autism awareness and their commitment to the cause. Additionally, they have participated in autism-related charitable work by attending events and making donations to charities that help families with autistic children. The Buicks have transformed into supporters of increasing knowledge and acceptance of persons on the spectrum by being honest about their family’s experience with autism. This has encouraged others to be more compassionate and helpful to those with autism.

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