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Abby Castellano: A Look into the Life of Javier Castellano’s Wife

Javier Castellano's wife

Abby Castellano, a crucial contributor to the achievements of Venezuelan-born jockey and four-time Eclipse Award champion Javier Castellano, has played a vital role in his triumphs in the racing industry.

Javier Castellano and his wife

Javier Castellano and his wife (Source: Twitter)

Javier Castellano, a Venezuelan-born jockey and four-time Eclipse Award winner, has been making waves in the racing world for years. However, behind every successful man is a supportive spouse, and in Castellano’s case, that’s his wife, Abby Castellano. But, the Castellanos prefer to keep their personal life private and away from the public eye.

Abby Castellano | Personal Information

NameAbby Castellano
Place of livingGarden City, New York
Husband’s nameJavier Castellano
Children’s namesKayla, Sienna and Brady
Father’s nameTerry Meyocks
Mother’s nameStacy Meyocks
Social Media presenceInstagram: @acastellano23
Twitter: @AbbyCastellano

Abby Castellano’s Early Life

Growing up in a family entrenched in the racing industry, Abby was no stranger to the challenges and risks involved in the sport. Her father, Terry Meyocks, served as the national manager for the Jockey’s Guild and was the former president of the New York Racing Association. Thus, Abby had a unique perspective on the ups and downs of racing when she and Javier tied the knot.

Abby Castellano and her mother

Abby Castellano and her mother (Source: Facebook)

Abby’s Preparedness as a Jockey’s Wife

According to Abby, her upbringing was helpful in preparing her for the demands of being a jockey’s wife. She was familiar with the physical toll the sport takes on riders and the potential for accidents. 

The Castellanos

The Castellanos (Source: Twitter)

While it was never easy to imagine the possibility of her husband being injured, Abby knew it was a reality that had to be acknowledged. 

Balancing Success and Family: Javier and Abby’s Life

Javier’s success means that he is a busy man, and Abby has to be patient to get his attention. When he is home, she makes sure to ask about his rides and horses, but Javier is often too preoccupied to talk during the day. 

Abby Castellano and her daughter

Abby Castellano and her daughter (Source: Twitter)

Additionally, with two daughters, Kayla and Sienna, and a son, Brady, to care for, Abby has her hands full. She values the time Javier spends with their children and acknowledges that it’s tough for him to balance work and family commitments. 

Javier and Abby Castellano with their children

Javier and Abby Castellano with their children (Source: Twitter)

Their oldest daughter Kayla is born in February 2005, the middle daughter of Javier and Abby, Sienna, is born in 2008 and their youngest child, their son Brady is born in 2012.

Despite the challenges, the Castellanos have found a way to make it work. Javier’s dedication to his craft has earned him numerous accolades, including the 2023 George Woolf Memorial Jockey Award. He will be honored in a ceremony at Santa Anita, and Abby will undoubtedly be there by his side, cheering him on.

Javier Castellano with his family

Javier Castellano with his family (Source: Facebook)

Javier Castellano’s Wife: A Partner In Success

In conclusion, Abby Castellano may not be a household name in the racing world, but she is an integral part of her husband’s success. Her knowledge of the sport and willingness to support Javier’s career, despite its challenges, is a testament to her strength and dedication.

Abby with her father and her kids

Abby with her father and her kids (Source: Twitter)

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