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Meet Halle Woodard: The Dog Mom and Nurse Who Stole Ezekiel Elliott’s Heart

Ezekiel Elliott girlfriend wife - Halle Woodard

If you’ve been keeping up with the electrifying NFL action, you must be familiar with Zeke’s unstoppable moves on the field. But let us guess why you’re really here… You’re dying to know if this football maestro is taken or still on the market. Well, he’s got a partner-in-crime who’s a heart thief when she’s not stealing the show.

While Zeke hasn’t tied the knot just yet, he’s been going steady with his girlfriend, Halle Woodard, since 2019. And who might this lucky lady be? None other than our fabulous feline-loving fashionista, Ezekiel Elliott’s better half!

They say, “Behind every great man is a great woman,” but in Zeke’s case, it’s a woman with a deep affection for all things kitty. Let’s unveil the identity of this stunning lady, her hometown, education, and profession.

Ezekiel Elliott and Halle Woodard

Ezekiel Elliott and Halle Woodard

Ezekiel Elliott Girlfriend – Who Is Halle Woodard?

She Is American

Halle Woodard was born on November 24, 1992, in Iowa. All we know is that her mother goes by the name of Patricia Simpson, and they all packed up and moved to Dallas. Halle stands tall at 5 feet 7 inches (or 1.7 meters if you’re into that metric stuff). And if you care about these things, she weighs about 143 pounds (or 64 kilograms).

Halle Woodard

Halle Woodard

A Nurse, a Bartender, and a Fitness Trainer

Halle attended J.J. Pearce High School in Richardson and then made her way to Iowa State University. She graduated with a nursing degree in 2013. Halle was also quite the athlete back in high school, strutting her stuff on the track and field team.

Before she became a full-fledged nurse, she dabbled in the arts of personal training and bartending. According to her oh-so-important Instagram bio, she’s a nurse by day, and by night, she adds “bartender extraordinaire” to her impressive résumé. But that’s not all! She’s also a personal fitness trainer at Body Machine Fitness. Talk about multitasking.

Halle Woodard

Halle Woodard

A Pawsitively Doggy Devotee

Halle is a self-proclaimed pet enthusiast who just loves to flaunt her furry companions on Instagram. Well, at least she used to until she decided to hide her profile from prying eyes. But hey, before that happened, we were treated to an overload of adorable doggy pics!

Halle is the proud owner of not one but two French bulldogs named Ace and Deuce. These little rascals had their very own hashtag, #AceAndDeuce.

But it’s not all about the ‘gram for Halle. She’s also a do-gooder, spending her spare time volunteering at animal shelters and championing the rights of our furry friends.

She even made an appearance at an event called “Paws Cause,” hosted by the SPCA in Texas, all in the name of raising funds for homeless pets. So, while she may keep her Instagram on lockdown, at least she’s using her influence for a good cause.

Halle Woodard

Halle Woodard

She Takes the Spotlight in the Elliott Family

Looks like Halle has won the affection of her boyfriend’s fam! They practically have wedding bells ringing in the distance, so we can safely call her Ezekiel Elliott wife-to-be. His mom just adores her and showers her with sweetness, while his dad runs a sports training empire.

And she has also become besties with Ezekiel’s siblings too. Aaliyah, Lailah, and Chase are like her own personal entourage. Whenever there’s a family gathering or a vacation, you bet Halle is front and center, making memories with the crew.

Ezekiel’s mom showered Halle with affection on her birthday last November, and Ezekiel chimed in with those adorable blue hearts, while Stacy Elliot, the proud papa, expressed his love in the comments.

Ezekiel Elliott and Halle Woodard with his family and friends

Ezekiel Elliott and Halle Woodard with his family and friends

Personal Details of Halle Woodard

NameHalle Woodard
Date of BirthNovember 24, 1992
Age31 Years
Place of BirthIowa, United States
ProfessionAesthetic Nurse Injector
Father’s NameN/A
Mother’s NamePatricia Simpson
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter
Ezekiel Elliott and Halle Woodard

Ezekiel Elliott and Halle Woodard

Love on the Gridiron: Ezekiel Elliott and Halle Woodard’s Romance

From Breakup to Rekindled Love

Ezekiel and Halle started dating in 2019, keeping their love under wraps. But hey, moms have a way of spilling the beans, don’t they? Elliott’s mom, Dawn Huff, couldn’t contain her excitement and spilled the tea on Instagram with a cute pic of the lovebirds at an Ohio State game.

But even a rollercoaster ride has its dips, and these two had their fair share. The pandemic brought a breakup in 2020, but love found its way back into their hearts, and they reconciled.

Since then, they’ve been seen strutting their stuff together at Dallas Mavericks games and spreading the love at charity events.

Ezekiel Elliott and Halle Woodard

Ezekiel Elliott and Halle Woodard

Together Through Thick and Thin

Halle is Ezekiel’s ride-or-die. She stood up for him when he faced controversies and legal issues, like that messy domestic violence accusation by his ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson in 2016. And when the NFL dropped the hammer and suspended him for six games, she stayed right by his side, showing unwavering support.

Before she went all mysterious and locked her Insta, she was the official hype woman for Ezekiel’s games. From posting epic pics and videos to cheering him on like a true MVP, she had the playbook down. And let’s not forget her killer fashion sense, proudly strutting around in his jersey number 21. She turned sports apparel into a runway show.

But her support goes beyond social media. Halle’s been his plus-one at fancy awards ceremonies and interviews. She was right by his side when he snatched the FedEx Ground Player of the Year award in 2016, and she made sure to attend the press conference when he signed that massive $90 million contract extension with the Cowboys in 2019.

Ezekiel Elliott and Halle Woodard

Ezekiel Elliott and Halle Woodard

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