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Tage Thompson’s Wife: Meet Rachel Thompson

Rachel Thompson Early Age

Tage Thompson’s wife Rachel Thompson is born on March 23, 1997. She is a native of Tolland, Connecticut. She is the daughter of Kathryn Leger Stackpole and Will Stackpole. In her family, Rachel has a sister named Hannah, currently serving as a patient care assistant in the general surgery department of a hospital.

tage thompson's wife
Tage Thompson’s beautiful wife (Source: Instagram)

Alongside Hannah, she also has a brother named Matthew, who holds a position at Hartford Juvenile Court. This tight-knit family shares a connection beyond blood, rooted in dedication to their respective careers in healthcare and law.

Rachel’s upbringing and her close-knit family have likely influenced her, fostering a sense of compassion and commitment to service.

tage thompson wife education
Graduating from University of Conneticut (Source: Instagram)

Tage Thompson’s Wife Known Facts

Full NameRachel Thompson
Date of Birth23rd March, 1997
Age 27 Years
Place of BirthTolland, Connecticut
JobProfessional Dancer
FatherWill Stackpole
MotherKathryn Leger Stackpole
SiblingsHannah Stackpole – Sister, Matthew Stackpole – Brother
HusbandTage Thompson
Husband  JobNHL player
ChildrenBrooks Nathaniel Thompson
Social Media@_rachelmae_

Little Ballerina: Rachel Thompson Dreams

Rachel initiated her dance journey at the young age of three, engaging in competitive performances throughout her elementary and high school years. Within her hometown dance studio, she took on the role of an assistant, imparting her knowledge and skills to fellow competitive dancers.

tage thompson wife young
Rachel at a young age dancing (Source: Instagram)

During her tenure at the University of Connecticut, Rachel actively participated in the university’s dance team and dance company. Furthermore, she became an instructor at Releve Dance Company, contributing her expertise by teaching invigorating barre fitness classes—an extension of her enduring passion for dance and fitness.

Tage Thompson’s Wife: How Dance And Hockey Podium United

Tage Thompson and Rachel’s love story began at a Halloween gathering in 2016. Over the course of four years, their relationship blossomed. Continuing to be a source of inspiration for her husband Tage Thompson, Rachel Thompson plays an essential role both on and off the ice. Tage and Rachel’s lives have been on an upswing since they first crossed paths on his 19th birthday.

tage thompson young
Tage and his wife Rachel back in 2016 (Source: Instagram)

Presently, they navigate life with a positive outlook, exuding confidence in their capacity to navigate the challenges and triumphs, whether within the arena or in the broader spectrum of life. Together and individually, Tage and Rachel demonstrate a remarkable sense of comfort and assurance, fortifying their journey through life’s various ebbs and flows.

tage thompson and wife
The young couple (Source: Instagram)

When Wedding Bells Rings

Rachel and Tage Thompson embarked on a beautiful journey that culminated in their engagement on June 6, 2020, a day Rachel joyfully referred to as ‘the best day’ through an Instagram post.

This momentous step paved the way to their wedding on July 25, 2021, at the picturesque Saltwater Farm Vineyard. The ceremony was a celebration surrounded by their dearest friends and family, set in the idyllic backdrop of the vineyard.

tage thompson wedding day
“Our wedding day was a dream come true. I couldn’t be happier to finally call you my husband✨Source: Instagram)

Rachel shared her happiness on Instagram, describing the wedding day as a dream come true. Her post conveyed the immense joy of officially calling Tage her husband, marking the beginning of their beautiful journey as a married couple.

On their wedding anniversary, Rachel took a moment to express her gratitude and affection for Tage, acknowledging him as the best husband she could ever ask for. In his response, Tage reciprocated the love, emphasizing Rachel’s beauty and cherishing her role as a wonderful wife and mother.

tage thompson wedding
Tage and Rachel’s beautiful wedding day (Source: Instagram)

Tage, an accomplished hockey player, shared how Rachel’s presence provides him with valuable perspective, especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Despite the challenge of separating from the demanding world of hockey, Rachel’s unwavering support helps him find moments of respite and clarity.

Rachel Cancer Battle

Rachel faced a challenging battle when she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, ultimately emerging victorious as she is now cancer-free. Initially attributing the pain in her right leg to an old injury, Rachel pursued medical attention, leading to the discovery of a mass during an MRI. Medical examinations confirmed that Rachel was dealing with chondrosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer that can manifest in the soft tissue near bones.

Despite the hardships, she maintained an optimistic outlook, always seeking the silver lining in her circumstances. The surgery proved successful, resulting in Rachel being declared cancer-free. Regular scans in the summer of 2023 will determine the continuation of her positive health trajectory.

Thompson Family Growing: Second Baby on The Way

On July 6, 2022, Tage Thompson and his wife, Rachel, joyously welcomed their first child into the world, a son they lovingly named Brooks Nathaniel Thompson.

tage thompson family
The adorable family (Source: Instagram)

Celebrating their initial wedding anniversary, Tage tenderly captured a heartwarming moment of Rachel cradling baby Brooks outside their charming waterfront abode, affectionately expressing his love for his wife and celebrating her role as “baby mamma.”

tage thompson son
Baby Brooks (Source: Instagram)

Before embracing the journey of parenthood with Brooks, their hearts were warmed by the presence of their beloved pet dog, affectionately named Little Buff.

Rachel took an interesting way of announcing her pregnancy on social media. With baby Brooks wearing a shirt saying “One Happy Bro“, the family announced that they are expecting and are due in January of 2024.

Tage Thompson’s Wife and Son: “Visiting Dada at Work

In a heartwarming display of family support, Tage Thompson’s wife, Rachel Thompson, and their adorable baby son, Brooks, paid a visit to the Buffalo Sabres’ training facility.

tage thompson son
Baby Brooks on the ice rink (Source: Instagram)

Little Brooks, sporting the tiniest pair of ice skates, exudes pure delight as he takes his first steps onto the ice. The images show a touching blend of familial love and the legacy of a sport that runs deep in the Thompson household.

tage thompson wife and son
The Thompson family (Source: Instagram)

This snapshot in time not only reveals a devoted family, but also hints at a potential future star lacing up his skates for the first time.

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