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Who is Aleksander Barkov’s Girlfriend? Unveiling Rumors

Get to Know Aleksander Barkov’s Girlfriend: Maria Doroshina

Maria Doroshina, born on January 29, 1996, in Taganrog, Russia, holds Russian nationality and falls under the zodiac sign of Aquarius. Renowned as a fitness model and an Instagram sensation, she is most recognized for the captivating imagery she shares on her Instagram account.

aleksander barkov's girlfriend
Gorgeous model Maria (Source: Instagram)

With a focus on fitness and modeling, Maria Doroshina has garnered a significant number following.

Aleksander Barkov’s Girlfriend Known Facts

Full NameMaria Doroshina
Date of Birth29th January, 1996
Age 28 Years
Place of BirthTaganrog, Russia
JobInfluencer and Fitness Model
BoyfriendAllegedly Aleksander Barkov
Boyfriend JobNHL player
Social Media@doroshina  

Balancing Social Media And School

Maria Doroshina, initially excelling academically, displayed a penchant for outdoor pursuits and sports, particularly football, over traditional schooling. At the outset, her ambition did not align with a career in fitness modeling.

aleksander barkov wife
Aleksander Barkov’s girlfriend (Source: Instagram)

During her college years, she diligently pursued a degree while supporting herself by working in a local grocery store. Despite her commitment to academics and employment, Maria remained steadfast in maintaining her physique. She gradually ventured into sharing images and videos on her Instagram account, increased followers and became an influencer and fitness model.

aleksander barkov's girlfriend
Model and influencer Maria Doroshina (Source: Instagram)

These visuals resonated profoundly with the audience, captivating their attention and igniting a surge of followers. The allure of her content transcended conventional boundaries, establishing Maria Doroshina as a notable figure in the realms of fitness modeling and social media.

The Relationship Between Maria And Aleksander

In her romantic journey, Maria’s heart found solace in a long-lasting relationship with her high school sweetheart. In 2017, a serendipitous encounter at a gathering in Los Angeles introduced her to Aleksander Barkov, an adept hockey player.

maria doroshina
Model Maria back in 2016 (Source: Instagram)

Their initial meeting blossomed into a captivating conversation that lasted the entire night, prompted by a mutual friend’s introduction. By the end of the event, they exchanged contact details.

Nearly a month of heartfelt exchanges paved the way for their inaugural official date, a joyful occasion they shared openly on their respective social media platforms.

Since that beginning, Maria and Aleksander’s relationship has flourished uninterrupted for nearly three years. Right now, there are no strong facts that the relationship is ongoing. Their respective social media platforms do not feature images of each other. But they live their lives happily.

Who is Secret Julia?

Julia’s last name is unknown to public, as Aleksander Barkov maintains an air of mystery. He was allegedly in an open relationship with Julia, even accompanying her to the 2019 Lady Byng award ceremony where he publicly acknowledged her while accepting the trophy.

aleksander barkov's girlfriend julia
Aleksander and Julia at the award ceremony (Source: Instagram)

Their relationship remained steady until speculation regarding a potential involvement between Barkov and the model Maria Doroshina surfaced. The emergence of such rumors suggests a probable breakup, as such conjecture wouldn’t arise without reason. Nevertheless, it’s a common aspect of life—moving on from one relationship to another.

aleksander barkov julia
Julia congratulating Aleksander for his trophy at the 2019 Lady Byng awards (Source: Youtube)

Rumor Or Truth: Is Aleksander Barkov a Father?

In an unexpected revelation, it has come to light that Aleksander Barkov, the talented hockey player, is a father—a rumor known to very few until recently. The revelation emerged amidst an ongoing court battle involving custody of his child, born in December of 2022, with the child’s mother. This aspect of Barkov’s personal life had been deliberately kept private from the public eye.

aleksander barkov
Aleksander “Sasha” Barkov (Source: Instagram)

Reports unveil Barkov’s legal action against the child’s mother in a Florida court, where he seeks both custody and child support arrangements. Specifically, Barkov is pursuing a comprehensive ‘parenting plan,’ encompassing a detailed schedule for co-parenting and joint custody.

Remarkably, details about the child’s mother, Aleksander Barkov’s wife, including her identity, have been tightly guarded, adding an additional layer of intrigue to the revelation. This unexpected news has surprised many fans that were unaware of Barkov’s role as a father, shedding light on a dimension of his life that had been discreetly maintained away from the public gaze.

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