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All About Julius Randle’s Wife Kendra Shaw

Julius Randle's Wife

Kendra Shaw, the wife of NBA All-Star, Julius Randle, is the driving force behind his success. She provides unwavering encouragement that motivates the accomplished basketball player, who has successfully led the New York Knicks to the playoffs. Let’s explore the life and career of this incredible woman.

Kendra Shaw Randle (Source: Instagram)

Kendra Shaw Randle (Source: Instagram)

Facts About Kendra Shaw: The Woman Behind Julius Randle’s Success


Kendra Shaw Randle

Date of birth

July 6, 1996



Place of birth

Lexington, Kentucky


Fashion Designer



Father’s name


Mother’s name

Shannon Jones

Children’s name

Kyden Randle, Jayce Carter Randle



Net Worth

$1 million

Social Media presence

Instagram: @kendrarandle_
Twitter: @KendraRandle_ TikTok: @kendrarandle_

Love Life | Julius Randle and his wife

Kendra Shaw and Julius Randle found each other at University of Kentucky’s party in 2013, where they hit it off and started dating. Shaw had a fondness for fashion design and has always been Randle’s biggest supporter during his NBA career. After three years of being together, Randle proposed to Shaw on their trip to Santorini in 2016. Their first child Kyden Jay, was born in December of the same year. They finally tied the knot in a gorgeous white-rose wedding in August 2017 and Julius Randle’s girlfriend became Julius Randle’s wife. Julius and Kendra enjoy sharing pictures of their love story on their Instagram accounts.

Julius Randle and his wife (Source: Instagram)

Julius Randle and his wife (Source: Instagram)

Career | Kendra Shaw Randle

Julius Randle’s significant other has been exploring fashion design while studying at the University of Kentucky. At 16, she got a job on the weekends at Victoria’s Secret and worked there all throughout high school and college. After graduating, she moved to Los Angeles and worked as an assistant for Michael Costello for two years. The couple frequently moved because of Julius being an NBA player, but after signing with the Knicks in 2019, they decided to settle in New York City.

Taking this opportunity, Kendra Shaw Randle decided to establish her own brand, KALORE. As a mother and a wife, balancing work and family life has been challenging, but she persisted in fulfilling her childhood dream of showcasing her unique creations in the world of fashion. “I tried to make it so each woman can feel classy, but sexy,” she said.

KALORE by Kendra Shaw Randle (Source: kaloreofficial)

KALORE by Kendra Shaw Randle (Source: kaloreofficial)

Childhood | Julius Randle’s wife

Shannon Jones, a single mom, raised her daughter Kendra in a small town in Kentucky, without publicly revealing her father’s name. Kendra was brought up alongside two siblings – a brother, Dilan Gonzalez, who is a football player, and her sister, Regan. Of mixed racial and ethnic heritage, Kendra holds the title for the eldest sibling.

Kendra Shaw and her grandmother (Source: Instagram)

Kendra Shaw and her grandmother (Source: Instagram)

Julius Randle’s dating history

Julius Randle is someone who values his privacy when it comes to his personal life. He had been involved with someone prior to his relationship with Kendra Shaw, but he hasn’t tied the knot before. The union between Randle and Shaw took place in 2017. The two met while studying in college and had been seeing each other for quite some time. Together, they are the proud parents of Kyden and Jayce. Notably, Kendra is a successful entrepreneur.

Julius Randle, his wife and their children (Source: Instagram)

Julius Randle, his wife and their children (Source: Instagram)

Kendra Shaw resembling the Kardashians

Kendra Randle, the wife of Julius Randle, seems to have undergone some dramatic changes and is starting to resemble a Kardashian. Her appearance has shifted considerably, with a nose job that mimics Khloe Kardashian being amongst the most noticeable changes. This occurred after Julius Randle relocated to New York City to join the Knicks. Kendra’s lips also seem to have received fillers, which further indicates that she has become something of a Khloe Kardashian lookalike. Although there is no solid confirmation, it appears that Julius Randle’s spouse may have undergone cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty and lip augmentation. There are indications suggesting that this is indeed the case.

Kendra Shaw

Kendra Shaw

Kendra Randle before and after (Source: Instagram)

Kendra Randle before and after (Source: Instagram)

“Knowledge is power. I believe to be good at anything you need to study, eat, live, and breathe it.”

Julius Randle married a beautiful woman from Kentucky, Kendra Shaw. She and her husband were both raised by single mothers so each year around the holidays they adopt several single-parent families and give them things they need and a few surprises. Kendra lives her life by one Life Lesson Quote and that is: “Knowledge is power”.

5 tips for success from Kendra Randle

  1. Knowledge is power
  2. Listen to your customer
  3. Trust your gut
  4. Get a good team around you
  5. Study your market

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