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Exploring Brandon Ingram’s Girlfriend Saga: Who Is He Dating?

Brandon Ingram’s girlfriend chronicles are rarely revealed to the public. He has managed to keep his personal life discreet.

However, his romantic involvements have occasionally made headlines, and have drawn the attention of many fans and followers.

We will delve into the details of these relationships and shed light on their personal lives and connection with the talented basketball player.

Brandon Ingram’s Girlfriend Raelynn Inez

Background and Early Life

Raelynn Inez, born on October 11th, 1993, is an American exotic dancer, Instagram model, and YouTube and TikTok content creator.

Inez hails from California, USA. She is of mixed ethnicity and an American nationality. Her full name is Raelynn Inez Barajas.

brandon ingram's girlfriend raelynn
Gorgeous Raelynn (Source: Instagram)

Information about her family background and education remains scarce.


Inez predominantly works as a full-time exotic dancer in Los Angeles, captivating audiences with her exceptional talents and moves.

Her engaging Instagram presence showcases both her modeling skills and promotional collaborations with various brands.

raelynn inez
Raelynn in LA, California (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, she actively shares her dance videos, skincare routines, and beauty tips on YouTube and TikTok, catering to a growing community of followers.

Relationship With Brandon Ingram

Raelynn and Brandon’s relationship became known to the public after Inez began sharing posts on her social media hinting on a relationship with the popular NBA star.

Apparently, she shared selfies with the basketball player’s shoes in the background, pictures with some of Ingram’s face present, and her wearing a necklace with his initials.

She also shared lots of photos where she was attending Brandon Ingram’s games.

brandon ingram's girlfriend raelynn
Raelynn at the Arena CDMX (Source: Instagram)

Currently, Inez does not have any photos or videos with the NBA star on her respective social media platforms, leaving fans speculating about the status of their relationship.

In one of her TikTok videos, she even mentioned being single, although the authenticity of this statement remains uncertain.

Brandon Ingram’s Girlfriend Amber Washington

Rumors emerged regarding Brandon Ingram’s relationship with Amber Washington, adding a layer of complexity to his romantic journey.

Amber is a beautiful Instagram model and influencer, born on April 29th.

brandon ingram girlfriend
Model and influencer, Amber Washington (Source: Instagram)

Reportedly, Ingram began dating Washington around the same time as his involvement with Raelynn Inez.

Speculations suggest that Ingram was seeing both women simultaneously, which led to tensions between Inez and Washington.

Amber posted on her social media in March of 2021 that she left him at the end of February because she knew he was a “liar” and that apparently there was a list of women that he’s cheated on her with.

We do know that Amber Washington is currently in a romantic relationship with another person, and as of the beginning of 2023, she is a mother to a beautiful baby boy.

amber washington
Pregnant Amber Washington (Source: Instagram)

Brandon Ingram’s Girlfriend Aaleeyah

Aaleeyah Octavia Ranza Petty, born on July 3rd, 1994, in Chicago, Illinois, USA, emerged briefly as a significant figure in NBA star Brandon Ingram’s personal life. Aaleeyah is known to have two brothers named Malacas and Kani Ranza.

brandon ingram's girlfriend aaleeyah petty
Beautiful Aaleeyah Petty (Source: Instagram)

She completed her education at Adlai E. Stevenson High School and later pursued studies at Chicago State University.

Though their relationship was short-lived and kept away from public scrutiny, rumors suggest that Brandon Ingram and Aaleeyah were romantically involved.

Speculations gained traction when Aaleeyah gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, named Brenton, in February 2019, leading fans to speculate about the child’s parentage.

brandon ingram child
Aaleeyah with her son Brenton, celebrating his birthday(Source: Instagram)

While the official confirmation of Ingram’s paternity remains undisclosed, fans have claimed to spot him at the little boy’s birthdays, adding fuel to the conjecture.

Tiffany: Ingram’s First Love

Tiffany holds a special place in Brandon Ingram’s romantic history, as their relationship dates back to their high school years. This was even before Brandon was selected for the NBA.

The couple had countless adorable posts together on their social media accounts.

brandon ingram tiffany
Brandon and ex-girlfriend Tiffany (Source: Twitter)

They garnered attention online due to their noticeable height difference, with Tiffany standing at only 4 ft 9 while Ingram towers at almost 7 feet tall.

Despite parting ways before their graduation, the pair has managed to maintain a strong friendship over the years.

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