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Meet Joel Embiid’s Girlfriend Anne de Paula: Will She Become His Wife?

The Story Behind Joel Embiid’s Girlfriend

Joel Embiid’s girlfriend is Anne de Paula. Born on March 31, 1995, in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, she holds a unique background that shaped her journey to becoming a successful model.

joel embiid girlfriend
The gorgeous Anne de Paula (Source: Instagram)

Joel Embiid’s Girlfriend Known Facts

Full NameAnne de Paula
Date of BirthMarch 31st, 1995
Age 29 Years
Place of BirthRio de Janeiro, Brazil
Current ResidenceNew York, USA
JobModel, Social Media Personality
BoyfriendJoel Embiid
Boyfriend JobProfessional Basketball Player
ChildrenArthur Elijah
Social Media@annedepaula

Growing up in the warm embrace of the beach, she relished the carefree lifestyle and a love for sports that came naturally.

As the daughter of an X-ray technician mother and a doctor father, Anne initially saw herself following in their footsteps, envisioning a future in the medical field.

anne de paula parents
Anne with her parents (Source: Instagram)

However, her passion for soccer was undeniable, and for six years, she donned the gloves as a skilled goalie. Speaking in an interview in 2018, she revealed that soccer was “everything she wanted to do,” and that enthusiasm for the beautiful game remains deeply rooted in her heart.

She belongs to Brazilian nationality whereas stands for Latin ethnicity. Further, Anne belongs to the Roman Catholic religion.

From Soccer Fields to Swimsuit Editions: Anne de Paula’s Journey

Anne de Paula made a memorable entrance into the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue in 2017, winning the hearts of fans through a resounding fan vote.

anne de paula sports illustrated
Anne in a swimsuit photoshoot (Source: SportsIllustrated)

This triumph propelled her to become a SI Swimsuit rookie the following year, and she has since graced the annual issue four times, embarking on captivating photoshoots in breathtaking locations such as Anguilla, Nevis, Kenya, and the Dominican Republic.

Anne credits her mother for encouraging her to explore modeling, an industry she initially entered at the tender age of 12.

Embracing both her tomboyish nature and her love for soccer, Anne found solace in modeling, a space where she could effortlessly embody her feminine side. As she embarked on her path, she gradually gained confidence and signed her first modeling contract at the age of 14.

joel embiid girlfriend
Gorgeous Anne (Source: Instagram)

Despite modeling taking center stage in her career at present, Anne harbors aspirations beyond the fashion world.

She also envisions venturing into entrepreneurship, with a passion for starting her own business. Her ambitions encompass establishing a personal brand or clothing line to share her passions and connect with people on a deeper level.

A Match Made in New York: Will Joel Embiid and Anne de Paula Say ‘I Do’?

In a serendipitous encounter at a New York City dinner in 2018, the paths of Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid and the enchanting model Anne de Paula crossed through the introduction of a mutual friend.

Initially, their connection blossomed as a beautiful friendship, with daily FaceTime conversations deepening their bond.

joel embiid anne de paula
The lovely couple in the Maldives (Source: Instagram)

Recounting their first meeting, de Paula revealed that they didn’t engage in much conversation during the dinner and she was unaware of Embiid’s basketball stardom until he rose to his impressive 7’0″ height after the meal.

Reflecting on her perspective, de Paula disclosed in 2019 that capturing her attention was no easy feat, as she had never actively sought out relationships when single.

However, Embiid succeeded in piquing her interest simply by being himself, demonstrating an authentic and genuine demeanor that stood out from the rest.

joel embiid and girlfriend
Joel and Anne at the Great Wall of China (Source: Instagram)

De Paula, true to her independent nature, kept her intrigue under wraps, allowing Embiid to discern her affections on his own.

While there have been no official announcements, fans eagerly await to see when Anne will become Joel Embiid’s wife, and they solidify their love in a marriage celebration.

A Bundle of Joy: Joel Embiid and Anne de Paula Welcome Son

Joel and Anne’s love story expanded with the arrival of their first child.

On September 17, 2020, de Paula gave birth to their precious son, Arthur Elijah de Paula Embiid.

The name holds a special significance as it pays homage to Embiid’s late younger brother, Arthur, who tragically passed away in a car accident in Cameroon at the age of 13.

joel embiid son
Anne and her son Arthur (Source: Instagram)

The news of their son’s birth was met with heartfelt excitement, as Embiid took to social media to share the joyous announcement. Expressing immense gratitude, he reflected on the blessing of their growing family and the profound meaning this new chapter brings to his life.

In his words, “I’m so excited for the future, and my life has a new meaning.” Embiid’s admiration for de Paula’s strength during the process was evident as he acknowledged her for giving him the greatest gift life can offer.

joel embiid family
The beautiful family (Source: Instagram)

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