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Jaylen Brown’s Girlfriend: Jacqueline Hawileh The Social Media Influencer

Jaylen Brown Girlfriend - Jacqueline Hawileh

The search for who the girlfriend of the Boston Celtics shooting guard and small forward is, by die hard fans, has overheated the search engines. Even though it turns out that most of these superstars try to keep their personal life off the media while allowing their game lives to be broadcasted. We, humans, are never known to settle for less and so, we went digging into the life of the Boston Celtics basketball star, Jaylen Brown. To unveil his girlfriend and know much more than we knew earlier about his relationship status. Guess what we found? Here’s the Bio of Jacqueline Hawileh, the Girlfriend of Jaylen Brown.

Jacqueline Hawileh Creeper Tuesday Shot (Source: Instagram)

Jacqueline Hawileh as Rodeo Queen. December 6th, 2013 (Source: Instagram)

NameJacqueline Hawileh
Date of BirthSep 7, 1994
Place of BirthZwolle, Louisiana
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer
Father’s NameGeorge Hawileh
Mother’s NameMarlo Pugh
Children’s NamesNone
Net Worth$3 Million
Social Media PresenceInstagram: @Jacqu12

How Jaylen Brown and his Girlfriend Jacqueline Hawileh Met

According to our research, Jaylen Brown met Jacqueline Hawileh through a mutual friend at a place of mutual interest. After their first meeting, they exchanged some contact details and started hitting each up from time to time. The rumors of their dating first started in 2019 when the two were seen spending more time together. The media was shaken by their time-to-time appearances together. And these appearances also featured some little PDAs. Although things later went quiet for some time, everything was sparked up again after rumors of Jaylen Brown and Jacqueline Hawileh going on a vacation, and spending the entire All-Stars break together.

Jaylen Brown and his girlfriend, Jacqueline Hawileh on vacation during the all stars break (Source: Asset Alone Entertainment)

The news was later clarified to be factual and not just rumors after some pictures of their vacationing together came online. After that, none of the two have come out to neither say anything nor deny the dating allegations which only made things clearer that the two are involved in a relationship that goes beyond being friends for the camera.

Jaylen Brown’s Girlfriend Jacqueline Hawileh Past Relationships

Jacqueline Hawileh girl crush shot (Source: Instagram)

Jacqueline Hawileh, the girlfriend of Jaylen Brown, seems to fancy a private lifestyle which makes us wonder how she turned out to be a social media influencer in the first place. There are not many details about her personal life, so it is hard to tell who she has dated in the past or even if she has ever been involved with anybody aside from the Celtics basketball star Jaylen Brown.

Jacqueline Hawileh during her senior prom. December 15th, 2013 (Source: Instagram)

We went through her profile and all we could find related to relationships of any kind are rumors of her dating Jaylen Brown. Funny enough, Jaylen Brown is the only man that she has ever made an appearance with so far so good. Jaylen Brown might as well be the first lover Jacqueline Hawileh ever had or better still, she has decided to completely cut off all her exes if she ever had them in the first place. What’s fun to note is the fact that she has never come out to deny having anything to do with the Boston Celtics basketball star, and neither has he.

Jacqueline Hawileh’s Boyfriend Jaylen Brown’s Past Relationships

All stars from birth shot (Source: Instagram)

The Boston Celtics star who is the boyfriend of Jacqueline Hawileh on the other hand has been involved with more girls than we can count. Although he usually doesn’t come out to say anything concerning the rumors. In essence, whether the rumors are true or not we cannot finalize whether he dated them or not. However, it is factual that Jaylen Brown has left a trail of women behind, and before making appearances with Jacqueline Hawileh.

One of his acquaintances includes the famous Instagram model popularly known as Bernice Burgos who is currently 42 years old. Bernice Burgos has been seen a couple of times in the Boston Celtics displaying an act that turns out to be her supporting the Celtics Superstar, Jaylen Brown. Although rumors of them dating started to spring up in 2022, there was no confirmation from either party and the worst of it all is that there was nothing to show for it. For all we know, she was just a fling. Besides, currently, Bernice Burgos is rumored to be dating Meek Mills the American rapper. The Boston Celtics have never been married too as it is. But we believe if he will ever consider having a wife anytime soon, it will be the social media influencer, Jacqueline Hawileh.

Jaylen Brown and Girlfriend Jacqueline Hawileh’s Net Worth

Jaylen Brown at the Boston Celtics (Source: Instagram)

Going a little bit into their financial statuses, these lovers are not joking with the hustle for money and we believe you will agree too when you see how much they are worth individually.

As of 2022, Jacqueline Hawileh is said to have a net worth of $3 Million. The year just started and this social media influencer has got some tricks up her sleeves and so, she is capable of doubling, if not tripling her net worth by the end of 2023.

Thursday shot (Source: Instagram)

Jaylen Brown on the other hand is known to have a net worth of $10 Million. One thing with the game of basketball is that it takes care of its players. With this little knowledge, there’s no telling how much the Boston Celtics will be worth in the coming years.


Does Jacqueline Hawileh Have Any Siblings?

Yes, Jacqueline has 3 siblings. 2 boys and 1 girl. There names, Jared Hawileh, Matthew Hawileh and Stacey Hawileh.

Jacqueline Hawileh and her brother Jared Hawileh (Source: Instagram)

Do All Virgos Love Cats?

Now, what seems to be the connection between Virgos and cats? It seems the two are inseparable since we’ve only seen more cases of Virgos owning cats as pets. Jacqueline Hawileh is also a cat lover and she seems to be a proud one since she has posted pictures of her cat even on her Instagram feed.

Jacqueline Hawileh’s Cat (Source: Instagram)

A recent post she made that was all about her cat showed her cat snuggled up to her remote. In the Instagram post, she said “Found the remote, now I’ll have to sanitize it.” The connection between Jacqueline and her cat made us do some research and we found that it is only normal for Virgos to be connected to cats.

Jacqueline Hawileh and her cat (Source: Instagram)

In a study, it is said that cats are “low-Maintenance” animals and their ability to pick up cues makes them a perfect friend for Virgos. Additionally, Virgos are somewhat lazy and so, they relate better with cats because cats do not fancy walks as much as dogs do.

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