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Top 6 World’s Most Expensive Horse Breeds

expensive Thoroughbred horse (1)

If you are involved in any equestrian sport, you know just how expensive it can all be. Whether you have ambitions to be a top show jumper or barrel racer, choosing the right breed to suit your discipline is very important.

Each of the breeds on this list have been selectively bred over centuries to create an athlete that dominates in their suited sport. From warmblood dressage stallions like Totilas who sold for 9.5 million euro, to thoroughbreds like Fusaichi Pegasus who sold for a record breaking 70 million dollars, this is the list of the world’s most expensive horse breeds.

Warmbloods – Totilas sold for $9.2 million

Warmbloods are a group of horses that resulted from crossing coldblooded horses with hotblooded horses to creature an animal that possessed both size and stamina along. Warmbloods are the most commonly found horse type in the highest levels of show jumping, dressage, and eventing.   

Some of the most expensive horses ever sold have been warmbloods. Examples include Palloubet d’Halong, a chestnut Selle Francais gelding who sold to show jumper Jan Tops for 15 million dollars, and Totilas, a black Dutch warmblood stallion who sold for 9.2 million dollars. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest dressage horses of all time, hence that hefty price tag! 

Thoroughbred – Fusaichi Pegasus sold for $70 million

The thoroughbred was developed with one discipline in mind – horse racing. This breed is considered hot blooded and are renowned for their speed over long distances and their athleticism. While it is possible to purchase thoroughbreds once they have finished their racing career for relatively low prices, the best thoroughbreds can fetch millions. Seattle Dancer sold for 13.1 million dollars at just 1 years of age! Fusaichi Pegasus currently stands as the most expensive horse ever sold. This thoroughbred stallion had won almost 2 million dollars while racing and was sold for 70 million dollars to Coolmore Stud in Ireland. 


The Akhal-Teke is Turkmenistan’s national horse and there is truly no other breed like them. The high price tag this breed fetches is largely due to how scarce Akhal-Teke’s are, with less than 10 000 worldwide. A unique feature of this breed is their metallic coat. Unlike a regular shine found on other breeds, Akhal-Teke’s appear to have a metallic glow to their coat. These horses are known for their endurance but as the breed has gained popularity, Akhal-Teke’s have also been introduced to disciplines like show jumping and dressage. While not reaching the millions like thoroughbreds and warmbloods, Akhal-Teke’s can still fetch a good price. 

Arabians – most expensive Arabian Horse sold for 11 million euros

Arabians are a widely known breed that is found all over the world. Their two most distinctive characteristics are a small dished face and a high tail carriage when in movement. Arabians are not always suited for beginners. While it does not apply to all of them, Arabians can be hot headed and flighty. They are most commonly used in a discipline called ‘Endurance’. Endurance riding takes place over long distances, where horse and rider need to cover up to 160km a day. The fastest combination wins. 

Arabians are small horses with most ranging from 14 hands high to 15.1 hands high. This small size made them ideal for living in arid desert conditions, where excess size and body weight would work against bigger animals. The most expensive Arabian stallion was sold for 11 million euros. It is not uncommon for Arabians with sought after blood lines and conformation to sell for over 100 000 dollars. 

Andalusian – Can easily fetch $100,000

Andalusians, also known as P.R.E, are a 5 century old Iberian breed. They have been found throughout history, even being used by knights in war and ridden by European Royals. In modern day times, Andalusians are used for bullfighting in Spain and dressage worldwide. This breed is known for their bravery, intelligence, and flashy movement. 

As with all breeds, parentage and quality determine the price. The best Andalusians can easily fetch over 100 000 dollars. 

Friesian – Can easily fetch $10,000

Our final breed is the regal Friesian. This breed is best known for their black coat and substantial size. Friesians are a Dutch breed but are found worldwide. In medieval Europe, they were used as warhorses. In modern times, they are often found in dressage and also carriage driving. 

Foals can easily fetch $10 000 or more. Friesians that are trained under saddle can easily go for over $100 000. In the early 20th century, this breed almost went extinct. Next time you come across one of these black beauties, give them another glance. If not for the hard work of breeders resurrecting the breed, Friesians could have been a memory of the past. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the No 1 breed of horse in the world?

The number one breed would depend on the intended discipline. For show jumping and dressage, it is the warmblood. For racing, it is the thoroughbred. For endurance it is the Arabian and for Western disciplines it is the American Quarter Horse.

What is the rare expensive horse breed?

A rare expensive breed is the Suffolk Punch. They almost disappeared completely after farming work became mechanised. Now, dedicated breeders have brought the breed back from the brink. This is not a horse you will see often, making them rather expensive!

What horse sold for $1 million dollars

A former racehorse, Proud Emma, sold for $1 million dollars at the Keeneland November Breeding Stock Sale in 2017.

What is the golden expensive horse

The golden expensive horse is the Akhal-Teke

What are the top 5 most popular horse breeds

The five most popular horse breeds are the thoroughbred, arabian, appaloosa, quarter horse, and warmblood.

What is the most beautiful horse breed?

Everyone will have a different answer but one of the most beautiful horse breeds is the friesian. Their size, long manes, and black coats make them look like something out of a fairytale.

What is the 2 fastest horse breed in the world?

The two fastest horse breeds are the thoroughbred and the American quarter horse.

What rare horse breed is gold

The Akhal-Teke is the rarest horse breed that appears gold.

How expensive is Fusaichi Pegasus

Fusaichi Pegasus sold for 70 million dollars to Coolmore Stud in Ireland.

What is the most expensive horse to own

The most expensive horse to own is any horse that requires a high level of feed and care. Hardy horses that live on small amounts of food and are happy to be out in the paddock with their friends are cheaper to look after than horses that need things like shoes, supplements, and regular vet visits.

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