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9 Fastest Horses In The World – Top Recorded Speeds

Horse Racing

Horses are fascinating creatures that have been domesticated for thousands of years. Throughout history, horses have been bred for different purposes, from transportation to warfare to sport. One aspect of horse breeding that has always been of interest to horse enthusiasts is speed. In this article, we will take a look at the 11 fastest horses in the world, as well as the factors that influence speed in horses.

The 9 Fastest Race Horses in the World

Winning Brew – 43.97 miles per hour

Winning Brew is the fastest Thoroughbred racehorse in history, having set a world record for the fastest speed over a quarter-mile track at 43.97 miles per hour (70.76 km/h) in 2008. Winning Brew was bred in Kentucky and was trained by Francis Vitale. This record was set by the 2-year old filly Winning Brew on May 14, 2008, at the Penn National Race Course in Pennsylvania, USA. This record is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. Sources: 1 2 3 4 5

Winning Brew

Black Caviar – 45.09 miles per hour

Black Caviar is a retired Australian Thoroughbred racehorse that was undefeated in 25 races. She was known for her incredible speed and agility, and she set a record for the most consecutive wins by an Australian racehorse. Black Caviar’s top speed was 45.09 miles per hour (72.14 km/h).

Black Caviar’s race record is 25 wins in 25 races, making her undefeated in her entire career. She won 15 Group One races, an Australian record, and was the 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 WTRR World Champion Sprinter. Black Caviar’s success record of consecutive 25 wins is a world record not equalled in over 100 years of horse racing. Her last race was on April 13, 2013, at the T.J. Smith Stakes at Randwick Racecourse in Sydney, Australia. After retiring from racing, Black Caviar became a broodmare.

Black Caviar

Frankel – 43.5 miles per hour

Frankel is a British Thoroughbred stallion that won all 14 of his races, making him one of the most successful horses in racing history. This powerful horse had a top speed of 43.5 mph and was known for his incredible stamina and determination. Frankel was also known for his incredible acceleration and his ability to leave his competitors in the dust. 

He was foaled on February 11, 2008, and was sired by Galileo out of the Danehill mare Kind. Frankel was unbeaten in his fourteen-race career and was rated the best racehorse in the world from May 2011 to October 2012. He won ten Group One races, including the 2000 Guineas, the Queen Elizabeth II Stakes, and the Sussex Stakes. Frankel retired from racing in 2012 and became a breeding stallion. He has sired several successful offspring, including Cracksman, who won the Champion Stakes in 2017 and 2018. He remains a legendary figure in British racing history and continues to be an inspiration to fans around.


Rachel Alexandra – 41.28 miles per hour

Rachel Alexandra is a legendary Thoroughbred mare that won numerous races, including the 2009 Preakness Stakes and the Haskell Invitational. She is also the first filly to win the Woodward Stakes, a prestigious race that is traditionally dominated by male horses. Rachel Alexandra had a top speed of 41.28 mph and remains an inspiration for female athletes everywhere.

Rachel Alexandra was foaled on January 29, 2006. She was the 2009 Horse of the Year and became the first filly to win the Preakness Stakes race in 85 years. Rachel Alexandra was sired by Medaglia d’Oro out of the Roar mare Lotta Kim. She won only two of her first five starts before being trained by Hal Wiggins. After being sold to Stonestreet Stables, Rachel Alexandra won eight consecutive races, including the Kentucky Oaks,  and the Mother Goose Stakes. Rachel Alexandra retired from racing in 2010 and became a broodmare.

Rachel Alexandra

Lady Aurelia – 40.09 miles per hour

Lady Aurelia is an American Thoroughbred racehorse that was known for her incredible speed and agility. She won multiple races in the United States and Europe, including the Queen Mary Stakes at Royal Ascot. Lady Aurelia’s top speed was 40.09 miles per hour (64.51 km/h).

Lady Aurelia was foaled on January 27, 2014. She won her career debut at Keeneland in 2016 before being sent to England to compete at the prestigious Royal Ascot, where she won the Queen Mary Stakes by seven lengths. Lady Aurelia won the King’s Stand Stakes at Royal Ascot in 2017, becoming the first American-trained horse to win the race since 1993. She was trained by Wesley Ward and was sired by Scat Daddy out of the Forest Wildcat mare D’ Wildcat Speed. Lady Aurelia retired from racing in 2018.

Lady Aurelia

Secretariat – 37.7 miles per hour

Secretariat is considered by many to be the greatest Thoroughbred racehorse of all time. He won the Triple Crown in 1973 and set a world record for the fastest time in the Kentucky Derby. Secretariat’s top speed was 37.7 miles per hour (60.66 km/h).

A champion American Thoroughbred racehorse who won the Triple Crown in 1973, making him the first Triple Crown winner in a quarter of a century. He won the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes that year, setting records in all three races. Secretariat still holds the records for the fastest Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes times. He was born on March 30, 1970, and died on October 4, 1989. Secretariat is considered one of the greatest racehorses of all time, with a total of 16 wins in 21 races. After retiring from racing, Secretariat became a breeding stallion and sired several successful offspring.


American Pharoah – 37 miles per hour

American Pharoah is a retired Thoroughbred racehorse that won the Triple Crown in 2015, becoming the first horse to do so in 37 years. He was known for his incredible speed and endurance, and he set a record for the fastest time in the Belmont Stakes. American Pharoah’s top speed was 37 miles per hour (59.55 km/h).

He was born on February 2, 2012, at Tom VanMeter’s Stockplace Farm in Lexington, Kentucky, and was bred by his owner, Ahmed Zayat, CEO of Zayat Stables, LLC. American Pharoah is the twelfth horse to win the Triple Crown, having won the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes in 2015. He is considered one of the greatest racehorses of all time, with a total of 9 wins in 11 races. After retiring from racing, American Pharoah became a breeding stallion and has sired several successful offspring.

American Pharoah

Zenyatta – 37 miles per hour

Zenyatta is a retired Thoroughbred racehorse that was known for her incredible speed and agility. She won 19 of her 20 races, and she was the first filly to win the Breeders’ Cup Classic. Zenyatta’s top speed was 37 miles per hour (59.55 km/h).

Zenyatta won 19 of her 20 starts, including the Breeders’ Cup Classic and Breeders’ Cup Distaff. She was foaled on April 1, 2004, and was sired by Street Cry out of the Kris S. mare Vertigineux. Zenyatta won her debut in 2007 and continued undefeated for 19 consecutive victories. She won 13 Grade 1 races, breaking the record for the number of consecutive Grade 1 wins by a North American racehorse. During her racing career, Zenyatta reportedly weighed 1,225 lb (556 kg). After retiring from racing, Zenyatta became a broodmare.


Baaeed – 25.63 miles per hour

Baaeed is a British retired Thoroughbred racehorse who was foaled on April 8, 2018. He was sired by Sea The Stars out of the Kingmambo mare Aghareed. Baaeed began his racing career as a three-year-old in 2021 and was undefeated in six races, including the Prix du Moulin de Longchamp and the Queen Elizabeth II Stakes. He was the highest-rated turf performer in the world, with a rating of 138 by Timeform, which carries the weight in Europe that Beyer Speed Figures do in the U.S.  Baaeed top recorded speed was 25.63 miles per hour (59.55 km/h). Baaeed is set to commence his stallion career at an opening fee of £30,000 in 2023.


Was Eclipse The Fastest Horse in History?

Eclipse was an 18th-century British Thoroughbred racehorse who won 18 races, including 11 King’s Plates, and was undefeated in his career. He was known for his strength, soundness, and speed, but there is no specific information about how fast he ran. We also searched for the race record and form but could not find the race times. According to wikipedia, Eclipse top speed was 83 feet per second, that’s 56.57 miles per hour which makes him the fastest horse in history. 

What Factors Influence Speed In Horses?

Speed in horses is influenced by a variety of factors, including genetics, training, diet, and physical condition. Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors.

Genetics: Genetics plays a major role in a horse’s speed. Certain horse breeds, such as Thoroughbreds and Arabians, are known for their speed and are often bred specifically for racing. These breeds have been selectively bred for generations to produce horses with the ideal combination of speed, endurance, and athleticism.

Training: Training also plays a significant role in a horse’s speed. Horses that are trained specifically for racing are put through a rigorous training regimen that includes sprinting, endurance exercises, and interval training. The goal of this training is to build up the horse’s cardiovascular system and improve its speed and endurance.

Diet: Diet is also important for a horse’s speed. Horses that are fed a balanced diet that includes plenty of protein and carbohydrates are better able to build and maintain muscle mass, which is essential for speed and endurance.

Physical Condition: A horse’s physical condition is also a key factor in its speed. Horses that are in good physical condition are better able to perform at their peak and are less likely to suffer injuries.

Now that we have a better understanding of the factors that influence speed in horses, let’s take a look at the 11 fastest horses in the world.

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