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The Simple Life Of Chael Sonnen’s Wife, Brittany Smith

Chael Sonnen's Wife - Brittany Smith

Today we’ll dive into the life of the ultimate MMA WAG (Wives and Girlfriends) – Brittany Smith, the wife of the one and only Chael Sonnen. 

While she may be a mystery woman, we will uncover some juicy tidbits about her that you won’t want to miss. 

From her love of family to her passion for puppies, Brittany proves she’s more than just a pretty face on the sidelines. 

Chael Sonnen’s Wife – Who is Brittany Smith?

Chael Sonnen with his wife Brittany Sonnen and two children – Son Thero Stephen and daughter Pria Laila Sonnen

Mysterious American beauty

Brittany Smith is the name of the American beauty who’s captured the heart of MMA legend Chael Sonnen. 

While we don’t know her exact birthdate, we do know that she’s somewhere in her late thirties to early forties in 2023. But get this – she’s not your average celebrity wife. She’s not into sharing all the deets about her early life or family, which is pretty refreshing, right? 

And unlike other famous spouses who live for the ‘gram, Brittany only uses Twitter, where we can mostly see her hanging around with their kids and having fun family time.

Brittany Sonnen

Brittany Sonnen with daughter Pria Laila Sonnen

Prioritizes what matters most

While Brittany keeps a low profile and isn’t much involved in public life, we do know that she loves spending time with family and friends. It seems like the Sonnens have a sweet Sunday tradition of getting together with their loved ones, and this is Brittany’s absolute favorite time. 

It’s clear that she values the things that matter most in life – love, family, and good times with those closest to her heart.

Chael and Brittany Sonnen at a family gathering

Brittany Sonnen and her two children with Chael – Thero Stephen and Pria Laila Sonnen

Ultimate puppy lover

Who doesn’t love cute little puppies? It seems that Brittany does. In 2016, she shared an adorable picture of a new puppy joining their family. The furry little friend looked like it was a present from her loving husband, Chael, and Brittany captured the moment with the famous saying, “happy wife, happy life.” 

This couple knows how to keep the love alive, whether it’s through sweet gestures or adding a furry family member to the mix. 

NameBrittany Smith
Date of Birth Probably sometime between 1981-1985
AgeAround 37-41 
Place of Birth USA
Nationality American 
Father’s NameN/A
Mother’s Name N/A
ChildrenSon Thero Stephen and daughter Pria Laila Sonnen.
Horoscope N/A
Social Media Twitter 

The Gangster of Love: Chael and Brittany’s Unconventional Meet-Cute

It was “love at first flight”

Their meeting is a tale that only a gangster from the mean streets of West Linn, Oregon, could pull off. Chael met his future wife on a flight in Portland, and despite Brittany running away after a light conversation, Chael was smitten and followed her through a huge crowd for another shot at love. 

He even borrowed her phone to get her number and sent her a cheeky text message afterward. Despite her brother trying to block Chael’s advances, he won her heart, and they now have two beautiful daughters. So, the next time you’re on a plane, keep your eyes peeled – you might just meet your soulmate as Chael did.

Brittany Sonnen and Chael Sonnen

Nine years of marriage and counting

From flying through the air in MMA to flying down the aisle in a beautiful ceremony – UFC star Chael Sonnen and his wife Brittany have been happily wedded since July 2013. These two lovebirds had been dating for two years before finally tying the knot, and they’ve been going strong ever since. 

The tragic loss of their daughter Blauna Dian

Chael and Brittany’s world was shattered when their firstborn daughter Blauna passed away five days after her premature birth on August 12, 2016. The couple had gone through a difficult pregnancy, with Brittany repeatedly being diagnosed with dehydration despite feeling unwell. 

Frustrated with the doctors’ misdiagnosis, Chael pushed for more tests, only to discover that Brittany had contracted listeria, which had passed on to their precious child.

A future MMA fighter and a cute little sister 

The pair has two children together – Thero Stephen and Pria Laila Sonnen.

Thero is the eldest, born on June 5, 2015, and he’s already a pro at high kicks. Chael is beaming with pride as he gushes about his son’s impressive moves, and it seems like he’s already set on following his dad’s footsteps into MMA. And when Chael asked if Thero wanted a championship, his response was an enthusiastic “YES”! 

On the other hand, Pria is the youngest baby in the family, born on December 5, 2017. Thero and Pria have appeared in their dad’s Bad Guy Inc videos, giving their predictions on which fighter will reign supreme. 

Son Thero Stephen Sonnen

Britanny Sonnen with daughter Pria Laila Sonnen

Disrespecting Chael Sonnen girlfriend? You better think twice

Chael Sonnen is someone you want to avoid messing with, especially when it comes to his beloved wife, Brittany. As former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub recounted, a drunk guy made disrespectful comments about Brittany’s appearance right in front of Chael—big mistake.

Chael is not only one of the toughest fighters in the UFC and Bellator, but he’s also fiercely loyal to his wife. Needless to say, the disrespectful guy ended up regretting his words. Moral of the story: don’t mess with Chael or his lady.

Chael Sonnen and Brittany Sonnen with their kids Thero and Pria Laila Sonnen

“Not so bright and shiny marriage” drama? 

A juicy bit of gossip surfaced involving Brittany back in March 2022. A police incident report obtained by LVRJ spills the tea on an altercation between Chael and his wife, Brittany. She claimed to have been asleep for the whole thing after taking an Ambien. 

Despite her injuries, she denied a physical altercation with her UFC fighter husband. Could there be trouble in paradise? The rumor mill is spinning faster than Conor McGregor in the Octagon.

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