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Meet Patrick Mouratoglou’s Wife Ada Obilu: The Supportive Partner Behind The Tennis Coach

Patrick Mouratoglou's Wife - Ada Obilu

Patrick Mouratoglou’s Better Half: Who is Ada Obilu?

Patrick Mouratoglou’s wife Ada Obilu remains a private figure with limited publicly available information. According to her Instagram bio, she is from the French Riviera in France. She seems to be someone who values her privacy and keeps her private life away from the public eye. Despite this preference, her relationship with the tennis coach has sparked attention among fans and the media, leading to a desire for more information about her life and background. 

The lovely couple on a vacation in Greece (Source: Instagram)

On April 20th, Patrick wished his wife Ada Obilu a happy birthday through social media. He shared a photo of them together, accompanied by a heartfelt message expressing his love and admiration for her. The post helped us to confirm her birthday and zodiac sign. As her birthday falls on April 20th, Ada is a Taurus. 

The picture Patrick posted wishing his wife a happy birthday.

She keeps her Instagram profile @adamouratoglou private, with over 600 posts and 11k followers, as of March 2023.

Patrick Mouratoglou and Ada Obilu’s Relationship: The Secret to Their Lasting Love

Patrick and Ada have opted not to share much information about their personal life with the public. The couple is married and living together, but the exact details about their love life remains a mystery.

According to some sources, the couple met at a food event for tennis fans in New York City in 2015. It is said that Ada, at the time, was a real estate investor.

Patrick and Ada’s first Instagram picture together, posted on July 22 2016 on a helicopter trip to St. Tropez (Source: Instagram)

It is believed that the couple married in secret, and the exact date of their wedding remains unknown. Ada was seen wearing a wedding ring in December 2018 in an Instagram post, and in August 2020, she was seen wearing another ring on the same finger. She changed her Instagram name from Obilu to Mouratoglou around the same time. 

First time Ada spotted wearing a wedding ring, August 4th 2020 (Source: Instagram)

During an interview, Patrick expressed his admiration for his wife, stating
I find her exceptional, because she is my wife, but she is exceptional in her willingness to ensure that the couple remains a couple despite being a family.”
He went on to highlight Ada’s ability to balance the demands of their family life while also prioritizing their relationship, saying “She has plenty of ideas for us to maintain our couple and family life simultaneously. I think it’s essential”

Given his previous experience with divorce, Mouratoglou expressed the importance of maintaining a healthy marriage, saying “Since I have been divorced in the past, I know how difficult it is to maintain a marriage long term. Going on dates is mandatory, which I think is great and necessary.”

Patrick Mouratoglou and Ada Obilu’s Children: A Reflection of Their Love

Patrick and Ada are proud parents to two beautiful daughters. They welcomed their first child on September 13th 2016, and on June 20th 2019, they had their second child. The names of their children have not been officially confirmed, however some sources claim that their first daughter’s name is Lea.

Ada Mouratoglou with her two beautiful daughters (Source: Instagram)

The proud parents celebrating their older daughter’s 5th birthday (Source: Instagram)

Patrick Mouratoglou and Clarisse’s Divorce: What Really Happened Between the Couple?

Patrick was married to interior designer Clarisse Mouratoglou in 2012, and they had two kids together. However, the couple eventually separated and the reasons for their divorce remain private. Rumors suggest that the breakdown of their relationship was due to Patrick’s alleged affair with his student, tennis legend Serena Williams. However, neither party has ever confirmed these reports.

Clarisse Mouratoglou, Patrick’s ex wife (Source: LinkedIn)

The former couple shares two daughters, Charlotte and Juliette. Charlotte Mouratoglou, was born on April 23rd, 2003 and is currently 19 years old. She is on Instagram as @charlomourat. Juliette Mouratoglou, was born on August 23rd, 2001 and is currently 21 years old. According to her Instagram profile @jujlamour, she is a photographer. Raphael Mouratoglou is Patrick’s eldest child, and is on Instagram as @piratoglou and is currently 28 years old, as of March 2023.

The Perfect Summer Destination: Patrick Mouratoglou and Ada Obilu’s Magical Vacation

Patrick frequently shares photos of his family on social media, providing a glimpse into his life away from the tennis court. It is no secret that Patrick adores spending time with his lovely girls and wife, Ada. Many of the photographs show the family relaxing in the sun on the stunning Greek beaches or enjoying the picturesque Greek towns. It seems that Patrick and his family have a special connection to Greece, as they have been spotted vacationing there numerous times over the years. It is evident that it is their favourite vacation destination. 

The lovely couple in Mykonos, Greece (Source: Instagram)

The Mouratoglou Family’s Annual Photo

It is interesting that, every year, Patrick takes the opportunity to gather his entire family together for an annual photo and shares it on his social media pages. It is heart-warming to see how close the Mouratoglou family is and how important it is for Patrick to keep them all connected. He has a demanding schedule as a tennis coach and businessman, yet he always makes time for his family, and this yearly tradition is a testament to that commitment. His fans like getting a look into his family life, and post heartfelt comments on his family photos.

One of the latest Mouratoglou annual photos (Source: Instagram)

Another adorable annual Mouratoglou photo “ruined” by the dogs (Source: Instagram)

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