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Ons Jabeur’s husband Karim Kamoun – Everything we know about his life

Ons Jabeur’s and husband Karim Kamoun

Ons Jabeur married to a Tunisian-Russian fitness coach, Karim Kamoun in 2015. They are a winning team, both privately and professionally. Karim has been Ons’ fitness coach since 2017.

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 Karim Kamoun in a lamé and Ons Jabeur in a tennis outfit (Source: Instagram)

Facts about Ons Jabeur Husband Karim Kamoun

Full nameKarim Kamoun
Date of birth22 December 1986
Place of birthTunis, Tunisia
ProfessionFencer/fitness coach
EducationMaster’s degree in sports science
Father’s nameAbdelwahab Kamoun
Mother’s nameRaissa Kamoun
SiblingsLilia Kamoun
ChildrenNo children
Net Worth$2-5 000 000
Social media presenceInstagram @karim_kamoun
Twitter @karimkmn
Last updateMarch 2023

Ons Jabeur has made history as the first North African and Arabic female tennis player to be ranked among the top 10 on the WTA list. She won Madrid Open in 2022 and achieved her career-high ranking of 2nd in the world. 

Her career highlights happened several years into her marriage with Karim. Therefore, it’s safe to say that Jabeur is thriving beside her husband. Jabeur is currently No. 4 on the women’s ATP list.

Who is Ons Jabeur’s husband? 

Ons Jabeur’s husband Karim Kamoun is a 37-year-old Tunisian-Russian fitness coach. He started his career as a professional fencer. However, since 2017 he has worked as his wife Ons Jabeur’s fitness coach. Karim is his wife’s greatest support, on and off the court. 

Ons Jabeur and Karim Kamoun’s love story

Ons Jabeur and Karim Kamoun began dating in 2013. In an interview, Jabeur said, ‘He did a little bit of tennis. He’s actually a fencer. That’s how we met, from a national team in Tunisia’. 

The sports couple got engaged to be married two years later, in 2015. Ons was only 21 at the time while Karim was 29.

 Karim Kamoun and Ons Jabeur on their wedding ceremony in October, 2015 (Source: Instagram)

The wedding

Ons Jabeur married Kami Kamoun on October 31st, 2015. Jabeur announced the marriage on Twitter by saying ‘Happy To annouce that me and Karim just got married’, followed by a heart emoji and the hashtag happy.

Ons Jabeur and Karim Kamoun on their wedding day (Source: Twitter)

According to some wedding photos, they had a traditional three-day-long wedding ceremony. They chose hotel Acropole as their wedding venue which can accommodate up to 650 guests.

Karim Kamoun’s family

Karim Kamoun was born in Tunis, the capital of Tunisia in a multicultural family. His mother Raissa Kamoun is Russian, while his father Abdelwahab Kamoun is Tunisian. 

Karim Kamoun, Ons Jabeur and Raissa Kamoun in May, 2022 (Source: Instagram)

Karim Kamoun’s father has a degree in Physical education and sport at the University in Moscow. He graduated in 1981, the same year he married Raissa, Karim’s mum. Five years later, on December 22nd 1986 Karim Kamoun was born.

Karim has a younger sister, Lilia. Lilia Kamoun was born on December 4th 1992. She is a professional gymnast. 

She graduated from the Paris Descartes University, earning a Master’s degree in APA (Adapted Physical Activity). According to her Facebook page, Karim Kamoun’s sister has worked as a professor of classic dance since 2016.

 Lilia Kamoun enjoying the sea (Source: Facebook)

Ons Jabeur’s husband Karim Kamoun education and career

Karim Kamoun graduated from the international Pierre Coubertin Sports High School of El Menzeh. He was then directed toward competitive fencing. He won two medals, one silver in 2008 in Casablanca. The other was a bronze medal in Cairo in 2011, the same year he retired from his fencing career.

Ons Jabeur and Karim Kamoun’s professional dynamics

Ons admits that it was her husband who contributes a lot to her success. In her own words ‘He does everything. I am really lucky because without him I wouldn’t have been at this level. Since we started working together, I am more and more disciplined.’

Karim said that it’s been a challenge to manage their professional and private lives. It is a ‘delicate matter’ as he noted in one interview for the Tunisian radio station IFM. Luckily for them, they are compatible in both the private and professional field. 

Some interesting facts about Karim Kamoun

Karim is the calm one in their relationship while she’s the funny one. They complement each other’s energies perfectly. 

Karim is known to have strong work ethics, but also likes to enjoy his free time exploring the cities they visit. Jabeur enjoys the effort he places into planning their daily activities including sightseeing, and taking photos at popular tourist places.

1Ons Jabeur and Karim Kamoun at the Great Wall of China in 2018 (Source: Instagram)

Ons Jabeur celebrating her birthday in New York, pictured with her husband Karim(Source: Facebook)

Karim’s favorite color is blue. He is a dog person, unlike Ons who prefers cats. He prefers spending his time at the beach which is his happy place.

Karim is also a good cook. His favorite dish is Tunisian couscous, but Ons loves when he makes Frutti Di Mare spaghetti. 

Ons Jabeur and Karim Kamoun’s kids 

Although they currently don’t have children, they are clear about their intention to form a family one day. Moreover, in an interview when ask what they think their greatest life achievement is or will be they unanimously answered that it’s family and kids. 

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