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The Dual Role of Belinda Bencic’s Boyfriend, Martin Hromkovič

Love, dedication, and a shared passion for sports – these are the ingredients that have woven the extraordinary tale of Martin Hromkovič and Belinda Bencic.

Get ready to dive into the captivating story of a Slovakian footballer turned fitness coach and his Swiss tennis superstar partner.

Grab a seat as we uncover the dual role that Martin Hromkovič plays in Belinda Bencic’s life – from a coach on the court to a pillar of support off it.

belinda bencic boyfriend
Martin in Vila Malfi Lutry – Switzerland (Source: Instagram)

Belinda Bencic’s Boyfriend Early Life

Born on May 27, 1982, in what was then Czechoslovakia and now known as Slovakia, Martin Hromkovič hails from Slovakian nationality and Slavic ethnicity.

His roots trace back to the heart of Europe, where his journey from a young aspiring athlete to a successful professional took shape.

Belinda Bencic’s Boyfriend Known Facts

Full NameMartin Hromkovič
Date of BirthMay 27th, 1982
Age 42 Years
Place of BirthCzechoslovakia (Slovakia)
EducationFaculty of Physical Education and Sports
JobRetired Football Player, Belinca Bencic’s Trainer
GirlfriendBelinda Bencic
Girlfriend JobProfessional Tennis Player
Social Media@hromec3

Education and Multifaceted Interests

Hromkovič’s thirst for knowledge led him to Zoni Language Centers, where he honed his linguistic skills.

His academic pursuit culminated in his Master’s graduation from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports at Univerzita Komenského (Fakulta Telesne Vychovy A Sportu). This educational foundation would play a pivotal role in his transition from the field to the fitness realm.

martin hromkovic education
Martin at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports (Source: Instagram)

A Remarkable Football Career

Martin Hromkovič’s career on the football field is a tale of dedication and excellence. Breaking into professional football at just 20 years old, he began his journey with FK Inter Bratislava.

martin hromkovic football
Martin during his football career (Source: Instagram)

Over his 17-year-long professional football career, Hromkovič’s prowess shone through as he donned jerseys for renowned sides including OFC Russell Gabčíkovo, FK Slovan Duslo Šaľa, and more.

His position as a traditional right center back, often sporting jersey number 3, showcased his defensive skills and commitment to the game.

A New Chapter in the Life of Belinda Bencic’s Boyfriend

After dedicating nearly two decades to professional football, Hromkovič announced his retirement in 2019.

This marked a turning point in his journey, as he seamlessly transitioned from an athlete to a fitness enthusiast and coach. Driven by his passion for physical well-being, he embarked on a new career path.

Notably, his experience in multiple sports, including ice hockey, added a diverse perspective to his coaching approach.

A Love Story on and off the Court

In the world of sports, relationships often forge under unique circumstances. Martin Hromkovič’s connection with Swiss tennis professional Belinda Bencic is no exception.

martin belinda bencic
Martin supporting Belinda as she receives Olympic Gold Medal (Source: Instagram)

Their paths crossed at the Empire Tennis Academy, where Hromkovič trained Bencic. However, their romantic journey began to blossom a year later, in 2018. Despite challenges, including the fact that Hromkovič was in another relationship at the time, destiny had other plans for them.

martin hromkovic belinda bencic
Belinda Bencic’s biggest support (Source: Instagram)

Supporting Belinda Bencic: Personal and Professional

As Belinda Bencic battled physical concerns from 2016 to 2018, Martin Hromkovič emerged as a pillar of support in her life. This bond led to a deeper connection that transcended the realms of coaching and friendship.

Belinda has shared insights into their dynamic, highlighting how Martin’s understanding of the pressures of being an athlete has played a significant role. She expressed that, when they work together, he functions as her coach, ensuring she’s at her best. This delicate balance reflects their maturity and dedication to one another’s growth.

martin hromkovic girlfriend
The lovely couple on a romantic getaway in Rome (Source: Instagram)

Their story is a testament to the power of understanding, as Hromkovič’s athletic background enabled him to empathize with Bencic’s challenges and emotions on and off the court.

A Social Media Chronicle of Their Love

Belinda Bencic and Martin Hromkovič’s relationship isn’t just confined to the tennis court and fitness center; it’s also beautifully documented on social media.

martin hromkovic
Martin enjoying summer days at Miami Beach (Source: Instagram)

Both individuals actively share snapshots of their life together, giving fans an intimate glimpse into their shared moments of joy and support.

belinda bencic's boyfriend
Belinda with her trainer and partner (Source: Instagram)

Martin Hromkovič’s Past

It’s worth noting that before embarking on a romantic journey with Swiss tennis sensation Belinda Bencic, Martin Hromkovič was in a relationship with Denisa Dvokratova.

martin hromkovic denisa dvokratova
Martin and his ex Denisa (Source: Instagram)

In a series of candid images posted on social media, which Martin still keeps on his social media, Hromkovič and Denisa can be seen sharing moments of their life together, including one where Denisa is seen looking at wedding dresses. Comments below this image playfully envision them as “Mr. and Mrs. Hromkovič.” Further images showcase Denisa wearing an engagement ring.

These images provide a glimpse into Hromkovič’s past and serve as a testament to the twists and turns that life’s journey can take, ultimately leading him to a new chapter of love and partnership with Belinda Bencic. This revelation adds a human touch to his narrative, highlighting the complexities of relationships and personal growth that shape our lives.

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