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John Gibson’s Wife and Support: Alexa DelGreco Gibson

Alexa’s Early Stages of Life

John Gibson’s wife is Alexa DelGreco Gibson, a Pittsburgh native in her late twenties. She possesses an air of intrigue with a non-public Instagram profile. Born and raised in the colorful metropolis, she naturally values her privacy. Though details about her own family continue to be limited, it is clear she had a loving upbringing.

She excelled academically, showcasing herself as a high-quality scholar. With her mother and father’s guide, she carved a course of fulfillment, embracing her research and putting the degree for a promising future.

Despite the personal facade, Alexa’s journey reflects a blend of circle of relatives love and scholarly willpower. This formed her into the amazing woman she is today.

john gibson wife
The lovely couple, John and Alexa Gibson (Source: Google)

John Gibson’s Wife Known Facts

Full NameAlexa Gibson
Place of BirthPittsburgh, Pennsylvania
HusbandJohn Gibson
Husband JobNHL player
Social mediaInstagram @alexa_gibson_

Basketball and Education: John Gibson’s Wife Balancing Between Two Rivals

Alexa Gibson proved her willpower, deftly balancing basketball and lecturers. Graduating from Seton-LaSalle High School, she honed her abilities as a senior league protect, donning the respected number 24. Her passion for basketball shone brightly on the court, an area where she showcased her skills and love for the sport.

Despite the needs of her studies, Alexa’s dedication to basketball remained unwavering. She revealed her admiration for the game and her capacity to seamlessly combine her passion for hoops along with her pursuit of schooling. Basketball has become a massive part of her adventure, reflecting her fervor and willpower.

Navigating Diverse Avenues – From Modeling to Auditing and Fitness Coaching”

John Gibson’s wife, a multitasker, dabbled in the world of modeling, where she showed her dynamic abilities. She was represented by a respected “talent group” and at the same time, she was working at Deloitte & Touche, LLP.

After proving her qualifications, she demonstrated her commitment in the corporate sector working as an Accounts Assistant in the company. Rather than limiting her resources, Alexa’s passion for a healthy lifestyle led her to become a Beachbody coach, sharing her dedication to fitness.

Her multifaceted career path demonstrates her flexibility, talent, and passion for professional experiences.

john and wife alexa gibson
John and Alexa (Source: Google)

Kindergarten Love: Alexa and John Gibson’s Adorable Love Story

John and Alexa’s love story began in their school halls in kindergarten. Their bond cemented as they attended the same school for 14 years. However, life’s twists and turns sent them down different paths. John’s NHL career soared, resulting in their loss of contact.

john gibson's wife
John and his lovely wife (Source: Google)

However, fate had a plan for a reunion. After years apart, they reconnected and rekindled their love. They spent two years nurturing their relationship, strengthening their bond before exchanging vows in a private ceremony in 2018. The ceremony was held in Pittsburgh, their hometown, with their loved ones.

john gibson wife
Alexa showing her engagement ring (Source: Google)

Alexa and John’s Hockey Nonprofit Organization

Alexa and John Gibson, epitomizing the spirit of generosity and sportsmanship, co-founded “Gibson’s Goals”, a nonprofit organization aimed at promoting inclusivity in the world of hockey.

This laudable initiative, highlighted on Facebook, showcases their altruistic dedication to making hockey accessible for players of all abilities. The organization’s vision centers on fostering an environment where everyone can revel in the joys of the sport, irrelevant of their skill level.

john gibson nonprofit organization
“Gibson’s Goals” (Source: Facebook)

Their compassionate hearts were made evident as they graciously hosted participants from the Blind Hockey, Sled Hockey Programs, and Top Flight Ice Hockey during three home games. Their suite became a place of warmth and unity, where diverse hockey enthusiasts could come together, share experiences, and relish the thrill of the game.

Alexa and John’s actions emphasize the transformative power of sports in uniting communities and breaking barriers, leaving an indelible mark on the world of hockey.

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