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Brad Marchand’s Wife: Meet the Beauty Katrina Marchand

Brad Marchand’s Wife Early Years

Brad Marchand’s wife, a woman of beauty and charm, Katrina Marchand hails from Rhode Island, USA. She was born on November 28, her exact year unknown, but reports indicate she is in her mid-30s. Her parents, Christopher Sloane Walden and Kathleen Sloane Walden, raised her alongside her brother Kevin Sloane.

brad marchand wife
Brad and his wife Katrina (Source: Instagram)

She was raised with her family in Rhode Island. While the details of their family businesses have been withheld, Katrina Sloane is especially acknowledged as Brad Marchand’s wife, adding an intriguing twist to her life story.

katrina marchand brother
Katrina with her brother Kevin (Source: Instagram)

Brad Marchand’s Wife Known Facts

Full NameKatrina Marchand (Sloane)
Date of Birth28th November
Place of BirthRhode Island
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
JobReal Estate Agent
Father nameChristopher Sloane
Mother nameKathleen Sloane
SiblingsKevin Sloane
HusbandBrad Marchand
Husband JobNHL player
ChildrenSloane (son), Sawyer, and Rue (daughters)
Social MediaInstagram @kasloane


Katrina Marchand: Balancing Education and Professionalism

Katrina, a graduate of St. Mary’s Academy Bay View School, includes her love for layout from her early years into her career. Beyond her persona, she’s recognized for founding Kevin Sloane apparel store and holds an actual estate license, showcasing her multifaceted pastimes.

While specifics of her profession stay personal, she’s recognized for her involvement in 2015 and collaboration with vice president Travis Sachs of CL houses. As a character passionate about indoors layout, Katrina Marchand exemplifies a seamless combination of personal pastimes and expert endeavors in estate.

A Decade of Love: Brad Marchand and Katrina’s Journey to Forever

In a quiet September in 2015, NHL star Brad and Katrina Marchand got together in a private, intimate ceremony. Their love story began and blossomed over five years of relationship before ending in a marriage. The wedding took place in beautiful countryside, and was the perfect backdrop for their beautiful union. The decor was artistic, adding to the natural splendor of the surroundings.

brad marchand wedding
Brad and Katrina’s wedding day (Source: Instagram)

Intimate bar lounges and a cozy tiki tent were set up for the kids during dinner under the tall oak trees, adding a family ring. The groom ran in a sleek white gown, sparkling with a white suit covered with a delicate lace.

Standing beside the bride-to-be, Katarina, was their son Sloane, who played a delightful role as ring bearer, adding to the charm of the ceremony. Sloane’s favorite sign, “Poppa, here comes mummy,” started the journey to forever. The romance that began decades ago has continued to blossom, creating a story filled with love, devotion and beautiful memories.

brad marchand wedding
Brad, Katrina and Sloan (Source: Instagram)

A Loving Family: Brad and Katrina Marchand’s Beautiful Journey of Parenthood

In the summer time of 2017, the joyous adventure of parenthood blossomed for Brad Marchand and Katrina as they welcomed their daughter, Sawyer, marking a brand new affection and togetherness. Their pleasant circle of relatives had its roots in a marriage that had thrived for over years before this lovely addition.

However, even before this, Katrina became a loving mother to Sloane, her son from an ex-marriage. Despite this, Brad wholeheartedly embraced Sloane, showcasing the authentic essence of a loving father.

brad marchand children
Brad and Katrina’s children (Source: Instagram)

Their family persisted to develop with the arrival of their second daughter, Rue, filling their lives with even greater love and happiness. Brad’s playful and nurturing nature, defined through his mom as being a big youngster at heart, further amplifies the pleasure inside their household. He cherishes his role as a father, embodying the spirit of a child whilst he’s round his treasured little ones.

brad marchand family
The beautiful Marchand-Sloane family (Source: Instagram)

The Marchand-Sloane household is a witness to the splendor of mixed families, where love knows no bounds. With both mother and father dedicated to offering a loving and harmonious environment for their kids, their journey through parenthood is a heartwarming story of love, acceptance, and the authentic essence of own family.

Adorable baby Sawyer (Source: Instagram)

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