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Who Is Emily Ruttledge? The Girlfriend of Auston Matthews

Emily Ruttledge

Get to know Emily Ruttledge, the stunning girlfriend of Auston Matthews, a prominent hockey player from Canada. Born on December 2, 1997, in Arizona, USA, Emily spent her formative years in Scottsdale before establishing herself as a notable model and social media influencer. 

Emily Ruttledge (Source: Instagram)

At 24 years old, Emily has already garnered a massive following on Instagram, thanks to her impeccable fashion sense, breathtaking looks, and stunning travel destinations. Discover the world of Emily Ruttledge, a rising star in her own right, as we delve into her life, career, and style.

Emily Ruttledge’s Information

NameEmily Ruttledge
Date of BirthNovember 29, 1997
Place of BirthScottsdale, Arizona, USA
ProfessionClinical Research Assistant
Mother’s nameAlisson Ruttledge
SiblingsSister – Florence Rose
EducationArizona State University
Social Media presenceInstagram: @ruttle_emily

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Emily and her sister (Source: Instagram)

Auston Matthews’ Girlfriend: Meet Emily Ruttledge

Emily Ruttledge, a highly accomplished woman who graduated from Arizona State University in 2020, was an active member of a sorority during her time there. Her academic achievements extend far beyond her undergraduate degree.

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Auston Matthews’ girlfriend (Source: Instagram)

She has completed a rigorous program at The London School of Economics and Political Science in 2019, as well as a Harvard Business School Online Certificate Program in 2021. Emily is a driven and successful individual, and her impressive accomplishments speak volumes about her dedication and hard work.

Emily Ruttledge’s Love Life 

Emily Ruttledge has been in a relationship with Auston Matthews since 2018 and they were often spotted together. However, it appears that they had to put their love life on hold as they focused on their professional growth. 

Emily Ruttledge and Auston Matthews

Auston Matthews and Emily Ruttledge (Source: Instagram)

Matthews’ career in the NHL skyrocketed while Ruttledge pursued her academic pursuits and is still engaged in her Master’s program. Interestingly, despite the challenges, the couple still continues to date, but they have chosen to keep their romance under wraps and out of the public eye. 

Emily Ruttledge’s Impressive Professional Journey

Emily Ruttledge’s professional journey has led her to many states across the USA. She brings a wealth of experience to her current roles in California, where she works as a Clinical Research Assistant at Children’s Hospital LA and a Research Assistant at Pepperdine University while pursuing a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. 

Emily Ruttledge

Emily on her graduation day (Source: Instagram)

She also supports literature in Organizational Theory, Entrepreneurship, and Women in Leadership at the Graziadio School of Business. Emily is a member of several esteemed organizations that promote academic excellence and professional development, such as APA, CAMFT, and CALPCC. 

Emily’s passion for helping others extends beyond her work, as evidenced by her voluntary efforts in cancer awareness at Phoenix Children’s Hospital from 2014 to 2020. Furthermore, Emily is a certified QPR Gatekeeper, demonstrating her commitment to preventing self-harm.  

Emily Ruttledge

Auston Matthews’ girlfriend – Emily Ruttledge (Source: Instagram)

Overall, Emily’s impressive portfolio and unwavering dedication to personal and professional growth make her an invaluable asset to any team.

Emily Ruttledge’s Net Worth

Emily’s career is still in the early stages, so her net worth remains undisclosed. Nevertheless, it is estimated to be approximately $7 million. With her zealous spirit and impressive accomplishments, Emily undoubtedly possesses a promising future. Let’s see how far she will go.

 Emily Ruttledge

Emily Ruttledge (Source: Instagram)

Keeping it Private: Emily Ruttledge and Auston Matthews Relationship Speculation

There has been much discussion on social media surrounding the relationship of Emily Ruttledge and Auston Matthews. While fans are speculating on the possibility of their marriage, rumors have been circulating about the couple’s relationship status, with some sources claiming that they have broken up. There have also been speculations that Emily has found a new partner.

Auston Matthews and girlfriend Emily Ruttledge

Auston Matthews’ girlfriend supporting him (Source: Instagram)

We must stress that there has been no official confirmation from the couple themselves. Although some sources claim that Auston has already proposed, they have chosen to keep their plans private at this time. Nonetheless, we can only hope that the couple will address these rumors soon and clarify their status. And we look forward to seeing these too getting married with Emily Ruttledge becoming the loving wife of Auston Matthews

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