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Micah Richards’ Girlfriend: The Professional English Actress Helen Flanagan

Micah Richards’ Girlfriend - Helen Flanagan

Aside from dealing with football affairs, Micah Richards deals with a lot of people paying close attention to his personal life. The football pundit has fans who want to know everything about him. Things like where he spends the weekend, what he wears to parties and in this case, who he is “Romping”. With Micah Richards making waves on the internet, we find that a lot of his fans want to know about his relationship status and so, the search for who he’s dating has skyrocketed in the search engines. To provide you his fans with a credible gist, here’s a little we know about Micah Richards’ girlfriend, Helen Flanagan the Professional English actress.

Helen Flanagan at the hotel Gotham, Manchester (Source: Instagram)

“Always wear your invisible crown” (Source: Instagram)

NameHelen Flanagan
Date of Birth7th August 1990
Place of BirthBury, United Kingdom
ProfessionProfessional Actress
Father’s NamePaul Flanagan
Mother’s NameJulia Flanagan
Children’s NamesMatilda Jessica SinclairDelilah Ruby SinclairCharlie Scott Sinclair
Net Worth$4 Million
Social Media PresenceInstagram: @hjgflanagan Twitter: @helenflanagan1

The Early Life of Micah Richard’s Girlfriend Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan was born on the 7th of August 1990 to the catholic family of Mr and Mrs Paul Flanagan. She has a brother named Tom who she doesn’t see often. At least, not as much as she wants to because he lives in Bangkok. 

Helen Flanagan and her BrotherTom (Source: Instagram)

Becoming an actress has always been a dream come true for Helen since she already started acting right from the early age of 10. Since her first appearance in “Coronation Street” as Rosie Webster, she has grown to attain quite a formidable height in the world of entertainment. After being nominated for more than one award and even receiving some along the line.

Helen Flanagan and her son, Charlie Scott (Source: Instagram)

Her relationship life has been quite adventurous. The English Professional actress had had other lovers before Micah Richards. In 2018, Helen Flanagan became engaged to Scott Sinclair the winger for Preston North End, after dating him for some years. Although things didn’t end well for the couple since they broke up the engagement and ended their 13 years relationship in October 2022. But that was before they had 3 beautiful children that are now with Helen Flanagan.

Micah Richards’ Girlfriend Helen Flanagan Career’s Graphy

Helen Flanagan at the hotel Gotham, Manchester (Source: Instagram)

Helen Flanagan, the girlfriend of Micah Richards who is the famous football pundit for both BBC sports and Sky sports has had quite a fun-filled ride in her chosen profession, which is all about acting. Some of her achievements that will surely not go down unnoticed in the history of professional acting are as follows.

Helen Flanagan’s Awards and Nominations (Source: WIkipedia)

Helen Flanagan, the girlfriend of Micah Richards also took part in Imacelebrity which is a show she has followed ever since.

Picture of Helen Flanagan during her act in  the Imacelebrity (Source: Instagram)

Helen Flanagan and Lucy Fallon. Coronation street’s co-stars (Source: Manchester evening news)

Currently, Helen Flanagan, the girlfriend of Micah Richards is said to have a net worth that is an estimated $3-$4 million. With the current rise in the revenue generated by the entertainment industry, we will like to see how much more she makes before the end of 2023 which happens to be a promising year from the look of things.

How Micah Richards Met His Girlfriend Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan at the hotel Gotham, Manchester (Source: Instagram)

According to searches, Micah Richards and Helen Flanagan met at a party back in 2008 and they exchanged numbers. They have been in a relationship since then, and that was after some time of Micah Richards consistently texting and declaring his interests to Helen Flanagan.

For Micah Richards, it was love at first sight after setting his eyes on Helen Flanagan. 

A friend of the football pundit in an interview told the news, “As soon as Micah Richards laid eyes on Helen Flanagan, he made her a priority and never relent until he got her. He sent her countless texts and kept demanding a date.” He said, “It took time, but Helen Flanagan eventually gave Micah Richards a shot.”

Micah Richards is a professional football pundit for BBC and Sky Sports (Source: Wikipedia)

From the look of things, it is clear that Micah Richards didn’t miss that shot since they have been in a relationship since then, even though they have tried their best to keep things low-key.

Love Life of Micah Richard and Girlfriend Helen Flanagan

Micah Richard who is currently 34 years old has been involved with the professional English actress, Helen Flanagan who is currently 32 years old, since 2008 and considering this, it means this couple has been on the love rollercoaster for 15 years or so. There isn’t any news on who Micah Richard dated before he met Helen Flanagan and she might as well be his first love. Even though the couples have tried so much to keep their relationship off the radar, they have been spotted a couple of times together.

Micah Richards debut appearance as a pundit for Sky news (Source: Instagram) 

Some years back, Helen Flanagan was seen spending a lot of time, more than usual in the Football veteran’s £3 million Cheshire home and friends around say the relationship is still very much lively and full of romantic sparks. The future is promising for the couple since both are always in the spotlight due to their professions.


Was Micah Richards Ever Married?

No, Micah Richards was never married. But who knows, since his relationship with Helen Flanagan has remained lively till date, she might be his wife soon!!

Did Helen Flanagan Undergo a Boob Surgery?

Yes, she did. After Helen Flanagan finished raising her kids, she decided it was time to get back in the game looking all sleek and beautiful as she was before having kids. A process that changed the form of her body and sagged her breasts. So she underwent boobs surgery which helped bring her boobs back in shape.

Is Helen Flanagan Still Seeing Her Ex, Scott?

Yes, Helen Flanagan, although in a relationship with Micah Richards at the moment, still has a good relationship going on with her ex, Scott Sinclair, the father of her 3 kids. Although they are keeping it casual and not crossing lines.

Helen Flanagan and Ex Boyfriend, Scott Sinclair (Source: Instagram)

Wedding Bells

Speaking of recent developments, Helen Flanagan has left her fans speculating on what’s going on after she dropped a picture of herself on her Instagram account, in a wedding gown. The single mother of 3, who is reportedly dating the famous football pundit, Micah Richards appears to be planning a low-key wedding. In her Instagram post, she captioned it, “Women’s Day

Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”

Helen Flanagan In a wedding dress (Source: Instagram)

Although it is unclear what her motives are, reading her caption, and realizing her emphasis on wanting to be a woman leaves us with many possible outcomes. One of which can unarguably be an incoming wedding. Let’s see what the future holds for this promising actress.

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