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Rishabh Pant’s Girlfriend: Who is Isha Negi?

Rishabh Pant Girlfriend - Isha Negi

Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant’s incredible performances on the pitch have been making headlines, but it’s not just his cricketing skills that are grabbing attention. His personal life has also been in the spotlight, with much curiosity surrounding his girlfriend, Isha Negi. 

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Isha Negi on a night out (Source: Instagram)

This article aims to provide an in-depth look into her life, including her relationship with Pant, family background, and other details. Join us as we explore the world of Isha Negi, the woman behind the cricketer.

Rishabh Pant’s Girlfriend – Isha Negi

Meet Isha Negi, the popular personality in India, widely recognized for her association with renowned Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant. Born on February 20, 1997, in Dehradun, India, Isha kickstarted her career as a social media influencer and lifestyle blogger after completing her degree. Her captivating content on Instagram and YouTube, featuring the latest fashion and lifestyle trends, has garnered her a significant following. 

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Isha Negi – lifestyle blogger (Source: Instagram)

Apart from her influence in the fashion and lifestyle industry, Isha is also an avid traveler, exploring various destinations and sharing her experiences on her social media handles. With her impeccable taste and a passion for adventure, she has become a go-to inspiration for many.

Rising Social Media Influencer Isha Negi

Isha Negi is a popular figure in India, known for her association with Rishabh Pant, an Indian cricketer. She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who runs her own YouTube channel where she shares her fashion tips and advice. 

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Isha Negi (Source: Instagram)

On her YouTube channel, Isha Negi covers a wide range of topics related to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She shares makeup tutorials, reviews of various beauty products, and tips for achieving different hairstyles. She also shares her thoughts on various fashion trends and provides suggestions on how to create different looks. 

Apart from her YouTube channel, Isha Negi is also active on Instagram, where she has a large following. She often shares photos of herself in various outfits, which has earned her a reputation as a fashion icon in India. Overall, Isha Negi is a rising star in the world of fashion and lifestyle blogging, and her popularity continues to grow thanks to her engaging content and relatable personality.

NameIsha Negi
Date of birthFebruary 20, 1997
Place of birthDehradun, India
ProfessionInfluencer and entrepreneur
Father’s nameUnknown
Mother’s nameUnknown
Children’s nameUnknown
Net worthUnknown
Social Media presenceInstagram: @ishanegi_
YouTube: Isha Negi Snapchat: @ishaanegi
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Isha Negi (Source: Instagram)


Isha Negi’s impressive educational journey began at the prestigious Convent of Jesus & Mary in Dehradun, where she demonstrated her intellectual prowess from a young age. Driven by her love for English literature, she pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in English (Hons.) from Amity University in Noida, showcasing her creative flair by working as an interior decor designer while still an undergraduate. 

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The lifestyle blogger – Isha Negi (Source: Instagram)

Negi’s multifaceted personality is further highlighted by her involvement in her family’s business, where she assists her father with the company’s operations. With her strong academic background and innate creativity, Isha Negi is poised to make a name for herself in the fashion and design industry. Join us as we explore more about this talented young woman.

Get to Know Isha Negi

Isha Negi hails from the breathtaking city of Dehradun, India, renowned for its diverse cultural heritage. With roots deeply ingrained in education and culture, Isha’s parents set a strong foundation for her future. Her father, a successful businessman, and her mother, a respected academician, instilled in her the importance of these two essential aspects of human civilization. 

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Isha Negi (Source: Instagram)

Despite being an excellent student, Isha’s passion for art, painting, and music drew her towards exploring her creative side. She spent countless hours honing her skills in these areas while maintaining her academic performance, making her a true gem in the eyes of her teachers and peers. 

As Isha reflects on her childhood, she realizes the significance of a balance between cultural enrichment and academic excellence, which has played a crucial role in her success as an adult. Today, she continues to showcase her unique blend of creativity and intelligence.

Discover the Love Story of Rishabh Pant and Isha Negi

Rishabh Pant, the Indian cricket sensation, and Isha Negi, a stunning Delhi-based entrepreneur, found love through mutual friends at a party in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Since then, the couple has been inseparable, and their relationship has been the talk of the town among cricket fans and social media enthusiasts. They have shared their love journey on social media with adorable pictures of themselves, showcasing their love and support for each other. 

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Rishabh Pant and Isha Negi (Source: Instagram)

Despite their busy schedules, Rishabh and Isha make sure to spend quality time together, cheering for each other in their respective careers. Sources suggest that the couple has even talked about getting married in the future. It’s no surprise that Rishabh and Isha’s love story has caught the attention of many, and it seems that they are a happy couple, deeply in love with each other. Get to know more about the love story of Rishabh Pant and Isha Negi, a match made in Dehradun, India.

Rishabh Pant and Isha Negi: A Love Story that has Captivated Fans and Social Media Enthusiasts

One interesting piece of news about Rishabh Pant and his girlfriend Isha Negi is that they recently celebrated their anniversary together. The couple has been together since 2019 and has been going strong ever since. 

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Rishabh Pant and his girlfriend (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, there have been rumors circulating about the couple possibly tying the knot soon. While there has been no official confirmation from either Rishabh or Isha, fans and followers have been speculating about the possibility of a wedding in the near future. 

Furthermore, Rishabh Pant has been in the news recently for his exceptional performances on the cricket field. He played a crucial role in India’s victory against England in the recent Test series, earning the title of Player of the Series. Many fans and cricket experts have been singing his praises, and his girlfriend Isha Negi has been showing her support for him on social media as well.

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