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A Look at the Influential Role of Mike Trout’s Wife, Jessica Cox: Meet the Woman Behind the Legend

Mike Trout's wife - Jessica Cox

Meet Jessica Cox: From High School Sweetheart to Mike Trout’s Wife

Jessica Cox has led an extraordinary life of passion and purpose, rising from a tiny town in New Jersey to become a well-known elementary school teacher, philanthropist, and adored wife of one of Major League Baseball’s most renowned players.

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The beautiful Jessica Cox. (Source: Instagram)

Cox, who was born on October 5, 1989, in Millville, New Jersey, attended Millville Senior High School, where she met Mike Trout, her future husband. She pursued her academic goals after high school at Lebanon Valley College in Annville, Pennsylvania, where she graduated with a degree in elementary and special education.

Full name Jessica Tara Trout 
Religion Christianity 
Ethnicity White Caucasian Decent 
Date of birth October 5th, 1989 
Place of birth Millville, New Jersey 
Age 34 
Current residence Newport, California 
Zodiac sign Libra 
Net worth $45 million USD 
Job Elementary School Teacher 
Nationality American 
Siblings Kyle Cox Aaron Cox(died at age 24) 
Favorite color Black 
Favorite food Pizza 
Husband Mike Trout 
Husband job Baseball player 
Eye color Blue 
Hair color Blonde 
Height 173cm or 5’8” 
Weight 59kg or 130 lbs 
Bra size 34B 
Instagram @jesstaratrout 
Children name Beckham Aaron Trout

Cox currently teaches elementary school students at the Dennis Township School Board in New Jersey, where she encourages and supports young minds to realize their full potential. She is committed to education because she thinks every kid should have access to a great education and the resources they need to succeed.

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The lovely couple at a wedding in Mexico. (Source: Instagram)

Cox is likely most well-known for her unwavering devotion to and support of her husband, Mike Trout. Initially high school sweethearts, the couple had to deal with a distance relationship when Trout signed with the Los Angeles Angels.

With her remarkable physical attributes, blonde hair, and blue eyes, Cox is currently regarded as one of the most well-liked and well-known WAGS in MLB. But what really sets her apart is her everlasting love, loyalty, and support for her spouse.

Love Takes Flight: Mike Trout’s Epic Marriage Proposal to Jessica Cox

They faced difficulties being apart, yet their love persisted and grew stronger. Trout proposed to Cox in a  grand manner in June 2016 by having an airplane soar in the sky with a banner that said, “Will You Marry Me?”.

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The wonderful engagement surprise for Jessica. (Source: Google)

Trout and Cox started organizing their wedding as soon as they were engaged. They were married in a lovely ceremony in December 2017 in front of many of their closest friends and family members.

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Jessica’s instagram post stating “About to be Trout” (Source: Instagram)

The wedding was regarded as “wonderful” and “beautiful” by those who attended. Everyone there could see that Trout and Cox were destined to be together; it was a real celebration of love and dedication.
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The lovely newlyweds. (Source: Instagram)

“I met her in high school, and we trust each other, and she is one of my best friends. She is somebody I can talk to and is always here for me.” – Mike Trout about his loving spouse, Jessica Cox.

Trout has frequently said how much Cox means to him. He stated that his wife and family are the most significant people in his life in an interview on the MLB Network series. Both on and off the field, he attributes their support with helping him stay grounded and focused on what actually counts.

Together, they have experienced a lot, and they have emerged from it stronger than ever. It gives Trout comfort to know that he has a loving and supportive spouse at his side while he continues to make history in baseball.

A Heartbreaking Tragedy: The Cox and Trout Families Mourn the Loss of Aaron Cox

Aaron Cox, Cox’s brother, who was also a good baseball player, had spent the previous three seasons pitching for the Angels’ High A squad. His professional career, however, was abruptly halted in 2017 when he was given a 50-game ban after testing positive for Ritalin, an MLB-banned stimulant.

Following his suspension, Aaron had a hard time regaining his footing on the field and ultimately chose to quit baseball. Tragically, he passed away not long after retiring. In a public statement expressing their sorrow, the Angels organization mentioned Aaron as a member of their family since 2015.

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Jessica and her brothers Aaron and Kyle Cox. (Source: Instagram)

Aaron’s brother-in-law Mike Trout also took time off from his club commitments to mourn and be with family. He and Jessica issued a statement in which they expressed their profound sadness at Aaron’s passing and thanked supporters and well-wishers for their prayers.

“As our families grieve together, we will also celebrate the memories, the laughter, and the love we each shared with Aaron in the short time we had him.” – The family stated.

Meet Beckham Aaron Trout: The Adorable Son of Baseball Superstar Mike Trout and Wife Jessica Cox

The well-known baseball player Mike Trout and his wife Jessica welcomed their first baby Beckham Aaron Trout on July 30, 2020 at 5:10pm. The couple gave their son the name Aaron Cox after Jessica’s late brother Aaron.

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Beckham Aaron Trout as a newborn baby. (Source: Twitter)

Mike and Jessica posted a photo of their newborn boy along with the caption, “Our greatest gift from above • we are so in love,” on social media when their kid was born. It is clear that the couple adores their kid and takes great pride in their family.

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The adorable family at Angel Stadium on Angels Family Day in 2022. (Source: Instagram)

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Mike Trout and his son Beckham at Tempe Diablo Stadium. (Source: Instagram)

Jessica is a frequent user of social media, especially Instagram. Cox regularly shares pictures of her family, including her husband and their son, and as of March 2023 she has a following of over 63K. Her Instagram page is full with adorable and candid pictures of the family spending quality time together, including trips to the park and the beach as well as watching Mike play in the field. Fans may get a look into the life of the Trout family and the affection they have for one another through these pictures.

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Jessica’s latest Instagram post of her son Beckham. (Source: Instagram)

Mike Trout’s Wife Jessica Cox: A Giving Heart in the Community

Jessica Cox is a successful teacher who is also involved in her community and the philanthropic sector. Cox has committed her time and resources as a member of the Angels Wives organization to help various causes and improve the lives of others. She has also given to the Golden Ball, which helps collect money for the Special Olympics, and Fill The Boot, a fundraiser for the Los Angeles Fire Department. In addition, Cox and her husband, Mike Trout, formed an organization called Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Orange County to support children without parents or with one parent.

Additionally, they took part in Chris Singleton’s 2013 Mike Trout Experience, demonstrating their dedication to philanthropy and improving the community. Cox serves as an exemplary role model for others with her kind and giving nature.

A Look at Mike Trout’s Incredible Baseball Career

Major League Baseball’s (MLB) most known center fielder, Michael Nelson Trout, is currently a member of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. He played baseball and basketball when he was a student at Millville Senior High School in New Jersey. Trout has an impressive resume that includes being chosen for an MLB All-Star team 10 times, taking home the AL Most Valuable Player title three times, and earning the Silver Slugger Award nine times.

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Mike Trout on the field. (Source: Instagram)

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