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A Team On And Off The Court: The Story of John Isner’s Wife, Madison McKinley

John Isner's Wife - Madison McKinley

The Woman Behind the Tennis Legend: Meet John Isner’s Wife, Madison McKinley Isner

Madison McKinley was born to Karla and Mark McKinley on November 15, 1992, in Dallas, Texas. She grew up with her two younger siblings, Charlie and Key McKinley. A former model and breast cancer survivor, Karla, Madison’s mother, co-owns her daughter’s jewelry business.

Full name Madison McKinley Isner 
Nick name Maddy 
Religion Christianity 
Ethnicity White  
Date of birth November 15th 1992 
Place of birth Dallas, Texas 
Age 31
Current residence Dallas, Texas 
Zodiac sign Scorpio 
Net worth $1 million USD 
Job Jewelry Designer, Businesswoman 
Nationality American 
Favorite color Red 
Favorite food Fruit 
Husband John Isner 
Husband job Tennis player 
Eye color Blue 
Hair color Blonde 
Height 173cm or 5’8” 
Weight 60kg or 132 lbs 
Her jewelry sale website 
Instagram@madkool13 and @madisonmckinleydesigns
Mother Karla McKinley 
Father Mark McKinley 
Siblings Charlie McKinley Key McKinley 
 Children Daughter-Hunter Grace Isner Son-John Hobbs Isner Son-James Mack McKinley Isner 

Madison earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion/Apparel Design from the prestigious Parsons School of Design. At the University of Texas at Austin, she later pursued a Bachelor of Fine/Studio Arts, General degree.

C:\Users\Gorgi Prostio\Downloads\242685864_514683606285104_5385214112043793375_n.jpg
Madison McKinley with her own jewelry creation. (Source: Instagram)

Madison worked as an intern for the Fashion Industry Gallery for two months early in her career. In August 2013, after completing her internship, she enrolled in a training course with the Jaya Apparel Group in New York.

C:\Users\Gorgi Prostio\Downloads\174316584_306981580781385_2379192641341017663_n.jpg
Madison advertising her jewelry. (Source: Instagram)

Madison’s success in her career is a result of her dedication and hard work. Overall, Madison’s journey is a motivational example of pursuing one’s passions and overcoming challenges to succeed.

She has two active Instagram accounts, one of who is her official account, @madkool13, which is private, and has 15K followers. Her other account is @madisonmckinleydesigns with 6K followers.

Discover the Mesmerizing Designs of Madison McKinley’s Jewelry Line

In collaboration with her mother, Madison McKinley introduced her own jewelry line in 2017. Madison is the founder, designer, and creative director of the company, which goes by the name Madison McKinley Jewelry. The pieces range in price from $40 to $500 and include rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings among other types of jewelry.

C:\Users\Gorgi Prostio\Downloads\158176909_439172277405100_2557751067545115935_n.jpg
A look at Madison’s bracelets and rings from her own jewelry line. (Source: Instagram)

Madison was honored by lifestyle publication D Magazine, which named her the “Best Fashion Jewelry Designer,” for her captivating creations. With its exquisite designs and reasonable prices, Madison McKinley Jewelry has since gained a devoted following among customers who are fashion-conscious.

Love at First Match: The Story of How John Isner and His Wife Madison First Met

Madison and her friends watched a match at the US Men’s Clay Court Championship in Houston, Texas in 2011, where John Isner and Sam Querrey were competing. Madison and her friends wanted to get a picture with their favorite players after the game, but Isner and Querry had another idea. Instead, they invited the group to go on a date with them, and the rest, as they say, is history.

C:\Users\Gorgi Prostio\Downloads\11282179_1652096651691608_1520790935_n.jpg
Madison and John’s first Instagram picture together, posted over 500 weeks ago. (Source: Instagram)

John and Madison continued to communicate by texting before going on their first official date to a London pub. They kept messaging each other until destiny stepped in and gave Madison a trip to London, where John was also attending Wimbledon. When they first met, Madison remembered John as “a big goober” and “goofy.”

Madison made the decision to stay an extra week, which allowed them to spend more time together and strengthen their bond. Their story serves as a testament to both the influence of fate and the value of seizing the moment.

Love Game: John Isner Weds Madison McKinley in Beautiful Southern Ceremony

John was certain he wanted to ask Madison to marry him, and at first he considered doing it in the same bar where they had first met. He eventually settled on Saint Mary’s Church as a more exclusive location, though. Madison accepted John’s proposal the day before their six-year anniversary.

C:\Users\Gorgi Prostio\Downloads\19534893_1905839166359042_1987112867702243328_n.jpg
The moment John proposed to Madison. (Source: Instagram)

Six months after that, they got married at the Montage Palmetto Bluff in South Carolina. John said it was “the day I married the one for me” and that the ceremony had a lovely country theme. John acknowledges that if he hadn’t lost his singles match that day, he probably would not have played doubles and would not have met Madison. Their love story is one of fate.

C:\Users\Gorgi Prostio\Downloads\24332385_1295792033900285_6545366911692046336_n.jpg
Madison and John’s lovely ceremony. (Source: Instagram)

John expressed his gratitude for his wife and their relationship in an interview with a magazine. “She is my biggest fan, and I’m hers”, he said. “She is my support system, and I am hers. We are truly partners in every sense of the word.” Their story serves as a reminder that sometimes the most unlikely encounters can result in lifelong happiness, and their love and dedication to one another inspire many.

Meet the Isner Kids: A Look at John and Madison’s Growing Family

In addition to his accomplishments on the court, John Isner, one of the best professional tennis players in the world, can be pleased with his life in general. He is a devoted husband and the father of three lovely children in addition to having had great success in his career.

C:\Users\Gorgi Prostio\Downloads\41579261_997520163768852_933980614130132569_n.jpg
First picture of Hunter Grace with her loving parents. (Source: Instagram)

Hunter Grace was born in 2018, the first child of John and his wife Madison. With the birth of John Hobbs the following year, they expanded their family by one more precious child. James “Mack” McKinley Isner, the couple’s third child, was born on October 12th, 2021, making their family of five.

C:\Users\Gorgi Prostio\Downloads\245802078_177962347825977_4618030513810662305_n.jpg
John and his wife Madison with their loving children. (Source: Instagram)

John Isner is appreciative to have his family by his side as he competes on the ATP tour despite the demanding nature of his career. In fact, he has stated in the past that having them around makes it simpler for him to handle the disappointment of defeat. It is evident that John is not only a gifted athlete but also a devoted husband and father who values his position.

C:\Users\Gorgi Prostio\Downloads\291832337_729243065001426_2867619519792014927_n.jpg
The lovely family wishing everyone a happy 4th of July. (Source: Instagram)

We can anticipate John relying on his family for support and motivation as he competes at the highest levels of professional tennis. John is certain to keep making great progress both on and off the court with their unwavering love and support.

John Isner: The American Tennis Ace with a Record-Breaking Career

In the world of professional tennis, John Robert Isner is known for his strength, accuracy, and persistence. This American athlete, who was born on April 26, 1985, has made waves on the ATP Tour since he went pro in 2007.

According to the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), Isner’s impressive resume includes a career-high singles ranking of No. 8 and a No. 14 doubles ranking. He is regarded as one of the game’s all-time greatest servers, and his thunderous serve has helped him set the ATP record for the fastest “official” serve ever hit—a staggering 157.2 mph or 253 km/h.

C:\Users\Gorgi Prostio\Downloads\334281575_5955807114485935_8881411697397421264_n.jpg
John Isner’s latest Instagram post. (Source: Instagram)

In addition to his exceptional talent, Isner’s success can be attributed to his unwavering determination and work ethic. With a staggering 14,200 aces served over the course of his career, as of March 8, 2023, he holds the record for the most aces ever served on the ATP Tour.

John Isner will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the greatest tennis players of all time due to his stellar resume and ongoing dominance on the court.

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