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The Mystery Woman in Dominic Thiem’s Life: Is Lili Paul-Roncalli Thiem’s Wife or Girlfriend?

Dominic Thiem's Girlfriend - Lili Paul-Roncalli

Inside the Life of Dominic Theim’s Girlfriend Lili Paul-Roncalli: A Rising Star in the Circus World

Born on May 4, 1998, in Munich, Germany, Lili Paul-Roncalli is a well-known circus performer, dancer, and contortionist. She is 24 years old, 5 feet 6 inches tall, and weighs around 53 kg.

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The gorgeous Lili Paul Roncalli (Source: Instagram)

Lili is already becoming well-known in both her professional and personal lives. She has a successful profession and resides in Cologne, Vienna, and Mallorca. In addition to her circus acts, Lili is a published author. In 2021, she and her mother, Eliana Larible-Paul, co-wrote a cookbook featuring Italian dishes.

Full name Lilly Paul-Roncalli 
Nick name Lil 
Religion Christianity 
Ethnicity White  
Date of birth May 4th 1998 
Place of birth Munich, Germany 
Age 26
Current residence Munich, Germany 
Zodiac sign Taurus 
Net worth $900K USD 
Job Professional dancer and circus performer  
Nationality German  
Favourite color Grey 
Favourite food Vegetables 
Boyfriend Dominic Theim 
Husband job Tennis player 
Eye color Brown 
Hair color Brown 
Height 168cm or 5’6” 
Weight 53kg or 116 lbs 
Instagram @lillypaul 
Mother Bernand Paul 
Father Eliana Paul 
Siblings Adrian Paul Vivian Paul 

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The lovely Lili Paul at MMC Studios Köln GmbH (Source: Instagram)

In addition, Lili plays the role as a judge on an Austrian talent competition, giving her the opportunity to demonstrate her proficiency in the performing arts. She was born into a family of circus performers, thus she clearly inherited her talents from her parents.

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Lili with her siblings Adrian and Vivian (Source: Instagram)

A Multifaceted Talent: Lili Paul-Roncalli’s Impressive Range of Skills

Lili is the youngest child of Eliana Larible-Paul and Bernhard Paul, an Austrian circus director and co-founder of Circus Roncalli. Her professional path has undoubtedly been greatly influenced by her parents, as seen by the fact that she continues to wow audiences all over the world with her performances.

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Lili performing on stage (Source: Instagram)

Since she was six years old, Lili Paul-Roncalli has been perfecting her circus abilities while in training with the performers of Circus Roncalli. Along with her two siblings, she made her stage debut as Les Paul, a roller-skating acrobat, in the touring production of “Time is Honey” in 2013. Following an outstanding debut, Lili went on to present her own distinctive contortion acts in a number of Roncalli plays starting in 2014.

Lili had a private tutor with her throughout her education, who assisted her in continuing her studies while traveling. Lili earned a top grade in school despite having a demanding training schedule.

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Lili for a paid partnership with Lascana (Source: Instagram)

Lili made her public debut in Vienna in February 2019 as the Life Ball angel, a prominent position that highlighted her extraordinary ability and attractiveness. With her partner Massimo Sinató, she went on to win the 13th season of the RTL dance competition “Let’s Dance,” solidifying her position as a genuine celebrity.

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Lili and her dancing partner Massimo (Source: Instagram)

Lili’s achievements didn’t end there. She was selected to represent the Haute Couture Austria Award in 2020, a renowned distinction in the world of fashion. And in 2022, she was one of the two fixed jury members for the sixth season of the ORF casting program “Starmania,” further showcasing her versatility and knowledge.

Lili describes her experience growing up in her father’s circus in her children’s book “Manege Frei Für Lili,”. Her book serves as a tribute to both her enthusiasm for performing and her love of the circus.

Dominic Thiem and Lili Paul-Roncalli: A Relationship Steeped in Privacy

Although it’s unclear how or when they initially coupled, rumors of Dominic Thiem dating Lili Paul-Roncalli started to spread in 2021. That same year, Thiem acknowledged their relationship on social media.

Prior to the 2021 Australian Open, Thiem refused to comment when pressed about it, responding, “The last few weeks have been very beautiful, but it’s all totally new. At the moment I don’t feel like saying anything else about it.”

His Instagram post with a heart symbol sparked rumors about his possible relationship. The relationship between Thiem and Lili Paul-Roncalli has since been established. Social media was flooded with inquiries regarding the Austrian’s personal life after he won the Grand Slam.

C:\Users\Gorgi Prostio\Desktop\csm_thiem-insta_0d3c98a66f.jpg
The deleted photo Dominic once shared on his social media with Lili (Source: Google)

Dominic Thiem and Lili Paul-Roncalli do not currently share any photos of one another on social media. It’s assumed that the image Thiem uploaded with a love emoji, which led to rumors about their relationship, has now been removed. The couple has avoided talking about one other in public and they are very private about their relationship.

Social Media

Lili is very active on social media with 153K followers on her Instagram account @lillypaul and thousands of likes on her posts. Dominic, however, stands strong with his 1.4M followers and over 1K posts on his Instagram @domithiem. 

A Look Back at the Relationship Between Exes Dominic Thiem and Kristina Mladenovic

The love background of Dominic Thiem has been a subject of discussion and curiosity among followers. His relationship with fellow tennis star Kristina Mladenovic was one of note. The couple announced their romance in 2017 and were frequently spotted together, whether they were training together or cheering each other on from the stands.

In an interview at the Rolex Paris Masters in 2018, Thiem disclosed that Mladenovic was the one who initially contacted him and requested a warm-up. He stated: “She (Kristina Mladenovic) asked me for a warm-up. So it’s her, but I’m not sure she was looking for a date or something. There was a lot in between but it’s too long to answer, but that’s how it started.”

C:\Users\Gorgi Prostio\Desktop\D8z3HoNXsAANKEo.jpg
Dominic with ex Kristina Mladenovic (Source: Twitter)

Mladenovic expressed about how happy she was to be dating another tennis player, stating, “I am very lucky and fortunate with my relationship. Obviously, in many ways, it helps to have a person that understands your job and sacrifices and accepts your job as a woman.”

However, in 2019, Thiem and Mladenovic’s romance came to an end as they both made the decision to move on with their individual lives. Thiem later commented on the end of their relationship, saying, “A girl implies commitment, time and concentration. At the moment I’m not looking for a partner even if I obviously don’t close at all. I am sure that in the future you will see a girl in the stands again to cheer for me.”

Despite their split, Thiem and Mladenovic still have mutual respect for one another. Thiem’s mother praised Mladenovic as well, adding, “I really loved Kiki (Mladenovic) really as a person and a tennis player, she is working very hard and focused on her career. But as you know they are grown up, so it is not my right to speak about it.”

The Making of a Tennis Champion: A Look at Dominic Thiem’s Career

Dominic Thiem, a professional tennis player from Austria, is currently ranked third in the world in the singles division. He has won 17 ATP Tour singles championships, including the 2020 US Open when he defeated Alexander Zverev in the final after coming back from two sets down, making him the first male player born in the 1990s to win a major singles title. Thiem has powerful groundstrokes and a serve that can go 145 mph. He won the 2020 Austrian Sportsman of the Year award.

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The first photo Dominic has shared on his social media (Source: Instagram)

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