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Find Out Who Really Is Son Heung Min’s Girlfriend

Son Heung Min's Girlfriend - Bang Min-ah

Alright, let’s talk about the man, the myth, the football legend: Son Heung min. He’s a South Korean professional footballer, and we all know how insanely talented he is on the pitch. But what about his personal life? 

From his high-profile romance with former After School member Yoo So-young to his rumored fling with model Hyun Jung, Son has captured the hearts of football fans and romantics everywhere. 

So, who has captured the heart of one of the world’s most famous footballers? Let’s find out! 

Who is Son Heung Min’s Girlfriend?

Apparently, the Korean football superstar is currently riding solo in the love department.

In a previous interview with the Guardian, Son shared his thoughts on marriage and football. He mentioned that he’s planning on getting hitched once he retires from the game because he wants to ensure that football remains his top priority.

He explained that once you’re married and have kids, they become your number one priority, and he wants to make sure he can give his all to football while still playing at the highest level. 

Son Heung Min

Son Heung Min Dating History

December 2022: Twitter frenzy with Kim Go Eun

Earlier in December 2022, rumors were swirling on Twitter, with fans speculating whether or not the news was true. Apparently, the buzz started when Kim Go Eun began following Son Heung Min’s private account. 

Some internet sleuths even claim to have seen intimate photos posted to a fake account, and looks like some eagle-eyed fans have noticed that Son Heung Min has liked many of Kim Go Eun’s photos.

Could it be true love or just a case of friendly admiration? Either way, we can’t help but wonder about this potential power couple. 

Kim Go Eun

Rumor debunked: Actress Kim Go Eun’s agency speaks up

According to her agency, BH Entertainment, the two have never met, and the actress is just a dedicated supporter of her country during the World Cup season. Additionally, actress Jang Hui Ryoung confirms that the private account in question is hers, putting the rumor to rest once and for all.

November 2022: Mysterious girl in a nightclub

In November 2022, Son Heung Min was caught in a nightclub with a mysterious girl. Rumor has it that the football superstar has an exciting dating life, but he keeps all the juicy details on the down low. Who could this mystery girl be?

Son Heung Min in a nightclub with unknown girl

2021: Rumors about dating a model named Hyun Jung 

In 2021, reports surfaced that he was smitten with the gorgeous model Hyun Jung. According to reports, the two were spotted together on multiple occasions, igniting a wildfire of excitement among fans. 

While not much was known about their relationship, fans couldn’t help but wonder if Son Heung min had finally found his perfect match. However, shortly after, it was revealed that the couple had since broken up. Just another fleeting romance? We’ve got used to it at this point. 

Model Hyun Jung

2019: Dating a non-celebrity hometown girl?

Back in 2019, Son Heung min was the subject of a spicy rumor that he was dating a girl from his hometown in South Korea. However, these rumors were never confirmed, leaving fans in suspense.

Was Son Heung min involved in a secret hometown romance? Or were these rumors just a figment of someone’s imagination? 

Son Heung min with a noncelebrity girl 

November 2015: Secret love story with Yoo So-young

Despite rumors of dating a non-celebrity woman in 2018 and being in a relationship with a model Hyun Jung in 2021, the football star’s most notable romance was with former After School member Yoo So-young.

Their love story started in 2015, the same year Son moved to Tottenham from Bundesliga side Bayern Leverkusen. But despite confirming their relationship, the couple kept things low-key, and only a few pictures of them are in the public eye.

What was more surprising is the six-year age gap between the two, with Yoo being the older person in the relationship. So what caused this mysterious couple to break up in 2016? The reason is still unknown.

Son Heung min and Yoo So-young 

Yoo So-young

July 2014: Short-lived romance with K-Pop star Minah

On July 29th, 2014, dating rumors swirled around Son Heung Min and popular singer Bang Min Ah. According to media reports, they enjoyed romantic dates in Gangnam and Samcheong-dong. 

Min Ah’s side first confirmed the rumor, then later backtracked, causing confusion. About three months later, on October 16th, 2014, the two released a statement ending all suspicions by saying, “They no longer contact each other after the dating rumor.”

Despite all the gossip, Minah’s acting career didn’t quite hit the superstar level she had hoped for, even with her impressive idol status with Girl’s Day.

Son Heung Min and Bang Min Ah 

Bang Min Ah

Son Heung Min – A Forever Bachelor? 

Son Heung Min may be a successful football star on the field, but his love life has been the subject of much speculation and interest among fans. While there have been rumors and speculation about who he’s dating, the footballer has kept his private life under wraps. 

So, who is Son Heung Min wife to be? It seems like the football star might be the new Leo DiCaprio, prioritizing his career over a serious relationship. 

But who knows, maybe he’ll surprise us all with a sudden announcement of a new flame (and we hope it will be serious this time). Until then, let’s continue to cheer on this talented player and hope he finds the happiness he deserves both on and off the pitch. 

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