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Christian Eriksen’s Wife Or Girlfriend? Who Is Sabrina Kvist Jensen?

Attention all football fans! Are you curious about the love life behind Manchester United’s star midfielder, Christian Eriksen? Well, you are in the right place because we’re about to spill all the details about the gorgeous blonde Sabrina Kvist Jensen, Eriksen’s girlfriend. (not wife yet!)

From her low-key lifestyle to her Instagram account (which is private, by the way), we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn more about the girl who stole Eriksen’s heart. 

Sabrina Kvist Jensen

Christian Eriksen Girlfriend – Who is Sabrina Kvist Jensen?

She is Danish

Sabrina Kvist Jensen was born in the Danish town of Tommerup on August 25, 1994. She is a Virgo sun sign, and she is Christian. Although she likes to keep her personal life private, we do know that she has one younger brother Frederik Kvist Jensen born on November 25, 1996. Her mother is Konni Kvist Jensen, and she works in Vissenbjerg Bakery. 

Sabrina is approximately 1.60 cm tall and weighs a healthy 53 kg, with striking blue eyes and beautiful brown hair. She also has a heart tattoo on her left arm. 

Sabrina Kvist Jensen

She is a professional hairstylist 

Sabrina went to Tommerup High School. After completing her studies in hairdressing at the University of Southern Denmark, she earned a degree as a hairstylist. Jensen first worked in a reputable fashion clothing company and is now a celebrity hairstylist in London. 

Although Eriksen jetted off to London to pursue his dreams, Sabrina stayed behind to perfect her hair styling skills before joining her beloved in the English capital. With her education completed, she quickly made a name for herself in the fashion industry. 

Sabrina Kvist Jensen

Low-profile life and devoted to philantropy 

Sabrina prefers a low-profile life and doesn’t crave the limelight. So gathering information about her personal life was a challenging task for us. Despite that, we know she is a philanthropist at heart. She’s actively involved in the Fodboldfonden organization, supporting and donating to improve the lives of poverty-stricken children.

Sabrina Kvist Jensen

She is a “badass” supergirl

Sabrina is not just a pretty face – she’s also a sports enthusiast with a passion for kickboxing. Her boyfriend, Eriksen, shared a photo of her training in 2017, captioning it, “I chill, she works. #trainingwithaview.” 

We can’t tell if the breathtaking landscape behind Sabrina caught Christian’s attention or if he just can’t resist watching his gorgeous girlfriend in action. Either way, it’s clear that Sabrina is not afraid to show her badass side and work hard to achieve her goals. 

Sabrina Kvist Jensen training from Christian Eriksen’s Instagram account 

She has her socials on lock 

Sabrina’s got an Insta account, but it’s locked down with that private setting. She seems like she’s not one to obsess over social media – she’d rather spend quality time with her loved ones than overexpose herself as most sports-start girlfriends do. And TBH, we don’t blame her.

It looks like Jensen is not one for the spotlight – she’s all about keeping things low-key and avoiding any unnecessary attention. According to her Facebook account, 

She’s got a Facebook account, which she’s not super active on either; she only shares pics with her boyfriend Eriksen, their son, and their closest friends.

Sabrina Kvist Jensen, Christian Eriksen and their son Alfred Eriksen

Sabrina Kvist Jensen and her son Alfred Eriksen 

Sabrina Kvist Jensen and Christian Eriksen with friends

NameSabrina Kvist Jensen
Date of Birth August 25, 1994
Place of Birth Tommerup, Denmark
Nationality Danish 
Father’s NameN/A
Mother’s Name Konni Kvist Jensen
SiblingsOne younger brother Frederik Kvist Jensen
Children2, son Alfred Eriksen and a daughter 
Horoscope Virgo
Social Media Instagram, Facebook

Sabrina Kvist Jensen – Christian Rikson Wife To Be?

Friends to lovers: Sabrina is his childhood sweetheart 

Sabrina and Eriksen knew each other for ages, but it wasn’t until 2012 that they decided to take their friendship to the next level. Sabrina stayed back in Denmark to complete her hairdressing education while Eriksen earned his stripes at Spurs before they finally reunited in England. 

Together they bought a stunning house in Hampstead in 2016, just as Eriksen was cementing his status as one of Europe’s top midfielders. But life in London was challenging, and the great Dane eventually moved on to Inter Milan.

Sabrina Kvist Jensen and Christian Eriksen 

Christian Eriksen and Sabrina Kvist Jensen

Head over heels for Sabrina 

Clearly, love is in the air for these two. The Danish football star is head over heels for his girlfriend, Sabrina, and he’s not shy about it. From sharing heartwarming photos of Sabrina and their son on Valentine’s Day to throwing surprise parties complete with balloons and cake on her birthday, Eriksen is the ultimate romantic.

Sabrina Kvist Jensen and Christian Eriksen

Sabrina Kvist Jensen for her birthday party 

Shocking rumors about Sabrina’s cheating 

Their love story began with secret dates and a strong connection that grew over time. Keeping a low-key lifestyle, they managed to maintain a solid bond despite facing numerous challenges. 

However, rumors spread that Sabrina cheated on Eriksen with Spurs defender Jan Vertonghen while he was playing for Tottenham. 

But when questioned by the media, both Eriksen and Vertonghen shut down the talk, calling it BS. Maybe this is the reason why they still haven’t tied the knot. Are there trust issues in paradise? Who knows. 

Sabrina Kvist Jensen from Christian Eriksen’s Instagram account 

Wild trips and becoming parents

Christian Eriksen and Sabrina have been together for almost a decade, and their love is still going strong. In December 2017, they shared the exciting news with their fans on Instagram that they were expecting their first child. 

But before Alfred’s arrival in June 2018, the couple embarked on an unforgettable safari adventure in Tanzania, where they got up close and personal with some of the world’s most magnificent creatures. From witnessing majestic elephants to observing lions and rhinos, their safari experience was a dream come true. 

In June 2018, the couple welcomed their first child, and Christian was even granted leave from the World Cup to be with his wife for the birth. In December 2020, they welcomed their second child, a baby girl, but the pair decided to disclose any information. Christian announced on his Instagram profile, “a family of four now.” 

Christian Eriksen and his girlfriend, Sabrina Kvist Jensen, in Tanzania 

Christian Eriksen and Sabrina Kvist Jensen announcing her first pregnancy 

Sabrina Kvist Jensen and Christian Eriksen with their firstborn baby Alfred

Christian Eriksen and Sabrina Kvist Jensen with their son Alfred, and newborn babygirl 

Sabrina’s most terrifying moment 

During the 43rd minute of Denmark’s match against Finland, Eriksen suddenly fell on the field. The collapse shook everyone, including hundreds of fans and live broadcasting members. 

But Eriksen’s fighting spirit shone through as he played his best before being rescued by the medical team. It was later revealed he had suffered a cardiac arrest. 

All the players and fans prayed for his speedy recovery. Meanwhile, Sabrina ran onto the field, crying in concern. Captain Simon Kjaer and keeper Peter Schmeichel selflessly ran to support her.

Sabrina Kvist Jensen, Captain Simon Kjaer, and keeper Peter Schmeichel during the Denmark-Finland match

Sabrina Kvist Jensen and Christian Eriksen 

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