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From Sports Reporter to Carlos Vela’s Wife: Who Is Saioa Cañibano?

Carlos Vela Wife - Saioa Cañibano

Saioa Cañibano, a Spanish beauty born on November 14, 1990, has captivated the hearts of soccer fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. As the wife of Mexican soccer player Carlos Vela, Saioa has gained a large following on Instagram, with over 220,000 devoted fans. Her page showcases her unique fashion sense and passion for living life to the fullest. 

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Saioa Cañibano (Source: Instagram)

Before dedicating her time to supporting her husband’s career and raising their children, Saioa worked as a sports reporter for a local media outlet. Her love story with Carlos has been an inspiration to many, and she is known for her unwavering dedication to her family. 

Saioa’s captivating beauty, impeccable style, infectious personality, and zest for life have made her a true force to be reckoned with. Whether it’s her stunning looks or her devotion to her family, Saioa Cañibano is a remarkable woman who is sure to make a mark in the future.

Saioa Cañibano | Personal Details

Saioa Cañibano is a strong and dedicated woman who was born on November 14, 1990. Her love for sports led her to pursue a career as a sports reporter for a local media outlet. However, after marrying her husband, Carlos Vela, and starting a family, Saioa decided to put her career on hold to support her husband’s soccer career and raise their children. 

Although Saioa may no longer be working in sports reporting, her passion for sports has not waned. She remains a devoted fan and avid supporter of her husband and his team. Their love story began in San Sebastian, where Carlos played for Real Sociedad and Saioa worked as a sports reporter covering the team. 

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Carlos Vela’s wife

Despite the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship, they managed to make it work and eventually tied the knot. Together, they relocated to the US, where Carlos continued his soccer career and Saioa focused on raising their family. 

Now, as Carlos nears the end of his soccer career, Saioa remains a constant source of support for him. She is a devoted mother to their children and a rock for her husband during both the highs and lows of his career. Despite not being in the spotlight as a sports reporter anymore, Saioa’s love for sports and dedication to her family continue to shine bright.

NameSaioa Cañibano
Date of birthNovember 14, 1990
Place of birthSan Sebastian, Spain
ProfessionRetired sports reporter
Father’s nameUnknown
Mother’s nameUnknown
Children’s nameRomeo and
Net worthUnknown
Social Media presenceInstagram: @saioaa
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Carlos Vela’s wife 

The Love Story of Saioa Cañibano and Carlos Vela

The city of San Sebastian was witness to the blossoming of love between Carlos Vela, the Real Sociedad player, and Saioa Cañibano, a sports reporter. The exact moment when Carlos asked Saioa to be his partner remains a mystery, but their first child, Romeo, was born in 2016. To quell any rumors, the couple chose to make their relationship public after the birth of their child. 

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Carlos Vela and his family (Source: Instagram)

Since then, Saioa and Carlos have been in the public eye, and their love has only grown stronger with the arrival of their second child. Discover the enchanting love story of Saioa Cañibano and Carlos Vela, which started in the charming city of San Sebastian.

Saioa Cañibano: The Refined and Sophisticated Soccer Wife Who Stole Carlos Vela’s Heart

Saioa’s elevated status and refined way of living captivated Carlos Vela, who fell deeply in love with her discerning palate and impeccable sense of style. Her unwavering support of him through the tumultuous journey of his career is a testament to her devotion. When Carlos made the life-changing decision to join LAFC and play in the United States, Saioa selflessly agreed to relocate with him. In 2018, the adoring couple exchanged vows just before Carlos embarked on the arduous journey to compete in the World Cup held in Russia.

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Carlos Vela with his wife (Source: Instagram)

The Alluring Beauty and Style of Saioa Cañibano, Wife of Carlos Vela

Saioa Cañibano may have left her career as a sports reporter behind, but her love for sports remains as strong as ever. Now, her focus is on being a mother and a rock of support for her husband, Carlos Vela, as he nears the end of his soccer career. 

Carlos and Saioa’s love story began in San Sebastian, where Carlos played for Real Sociedad and Saioa worked as a sports reporter. Since then, they’ve relocated to the US and have built a happy life together. 

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Saioa Cañibano with her daughter (Source: Instagram)

Despite her stunning looks and fashion sense, Saioa is a proud Spaniard who hails from San Sebastian. Her love for sports and her refined lifestyle make her the perfect partner for Carlos, who is a star in the MLS. Her unwavering support has helped Carlos achieve success both on and off the field. 

Saioa’s dedication to her family and her husband’s career is truly remarkable, and it’s clear that she plays a vital role in Carlos’s success. As they continue on this journey together, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this incredible couple.

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Saioa Cañibano

Will Carlos Vela Make the Move to Europe?

There are circulating rumors about the potential transfer of Carlos Vela, along with his wife Saioa Cañibano, to a European club. Sources suggest that Vela has received offers from multiple teams, but it remains uncertain whether he will make the move. 

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Saioa Cañibano and Carlos Vela (Source: Instagram)

Along with this news, there have been reports of Cañibano’s involvement in a new fashion line that will focus on sustainable and eco-friendly clothing. The buzz surrounding the upcoming launch of the line has already generated considerable interest in the industry.

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