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Devin Haney Girlfriend: Who Is The Dream’s Current Flame?

Devin Haney

Devin Haney, the boxing sensation with fists that could put any heavyweight to shame, is not just making waves in the ring.

No, no, this guy’s dating life is a whole sport of its own. From getting his girlfriends’ names inked on his skin to treating them to Range Rovers like they’re going out of style, he’s a man of extravagance and excitement.

And let’s not forget the epic showdowns between the main squeeze and the side chick – it’s a soap opera waiting to happen.

So, if you’re wondering who currently holds the title of “The Dream’s” heartthrob, don’t blink because it changes faster than a speed bag.

Just kidding, stick around, and we’ll spill the beans on the latest contender for the champ’s affections.

“Under no condition… would they ever catch me slippin! 😤 #TheDream”

“Under no condition… would they ever catch me slippin! 😤 #TheDream”

Devin Haney Girlfriend – Who Is He Dating?

So, we did some pretty deep Insta stalking, and guess what? Our pro boxer, Devin Haney, is back in the wild. He’s flying solo after waving goodbye to his two-year relationship with India Love.

During their time together, this 24-year-old heartthrob went all out. He showered India with all kinds of gifts and luxuries like he was auditioning for “The Bachelor.” And if that wasn’t enough, he pulled a rabbit out of his hat – a 2022 Range Rover!

November was peak lovey-dovey mode, with India flaunting her “Devin” tattoo like it was the season’s hottest accessory. She returned for seconds and thirds with the ink just to prove her commitment.

But despite all those PDAs that had us reaching for our sunglasses, it looked like their love train hit a station called “The End.”

Now, what’s Devin up to post-breakup? Well, he’s got his gloves on and his eye on the prize – his career. He’s been swiping left on dating for a while. Who can blame him? With all that romance drama, maybe it’s time for self-love and a knockout career comeback.

Devin from his Instagram: “All praise all glory to Allah! & STILL! #Undisputed #TheDream”

Devin from his Instagram: “All praise all glory to Allah! & STILL! #Undisputed #TheDream”

Devin Haney Dating History

Dated India Love from 2021 to 2023

Devin Haney and India Love’s relationship was quite the rollercoaster ride for fans. It all started with a viral video that sparked dating rumors. In the video, Devin and his then-girlfriend, Love, were dancing and getting cozy, causing a buzz among fans. India seemed comfortable around Devin, with hands on his face, and he reciprocated by placing his hands on her waist.

Their chemistry was undeniable, and fans couldn’t help but speculate about their romance. It was later confirmed that India and Devin had known each other since childhood and had a history of dating.

They rekindled their romance in 2021 but eventually went through a breakup. Despite the ups and downs, their relationship made headlines, with Love being a famous social media influencer and Devin a renowned boxer.

They even exchanged romantic gestures, like Devin buying Love a 2022 Range Rover and Love getting tattoos of his name.

While it seemed they were meant to be together forever, Love announced their breakup in March 2023, leaving fans both surprised and curious about its reasons.

Devin’s possible connection with Leena Sayed has also fueled speculation, but until he addresses it, nothing can be confirmed for sure.

Devin Haney and India Love

Devin Haney and India Love

Devin Haney and India Love

Devin Haney and India Love

Was Engaged To Jania Jackson In 2021

Before India, Devin was engaged to Jania Jackson.

They started dating in January 2021 and quickly took their Love to the next level by getting engaged in March of the same year.

Their engagement was marked by Jania’s bold move of getting Devin’s name tattooed on her body, symbolizing her deep affection for the American boxer.

However, despite their initial excitement, their engagement lasted only four months, ending in July 2021.

Devin Haney and Jania Jackson

Devin Haney and Jania Jackson

Dated Aileen Giselle In 2019

Aileen Gisselle and boxer Devin Haney’s love story started in January 2019. But, in between, Haney had a fling with model Lira Galore.

Spoiler alert: It didn’t last long between Lord Gisselle and Haney.

Aileen has a whopping 298,000 followers on Instagram, and she isn’t just a social-media influencer; she’s also a businesswoman and entrepreneur, hailing from the city of Angels, Los Angeles. Plus, she’s best known for cozying up to none other than Rob Kardashian, our favorite television personality and reality star.

Giselle, from her Instagram

Giselle, from her Instagram

Dated Blac Chyna In 2018

In 2018, when Devin was a 19-year-old rising star in boxing and Chyna a seasoned 29-year-old celebrity, sparks flew when he slid into her Instagram DMs.

Their love story began thanks to a shared lawyer and became an item for eight months. During that time, they were practically inseparable, with Chyna proudly showing off her man on social media, like when she posted a picture of Haney casually lounging on a white Lamborghini with the caption, “Hi Babe.” It was a fascinating blend of the boxing ring and the red carpet, where Instagram DMs became much more exciting.

Devin Haney and Blac Chyna

Devin Haney and Blac Chyna

Dated Kris Summers

Kris Summers and Devin Haney’s relationship had more twists and turns than a rollercoaster at a theme park.

Who could forget when Kris squared up with Lord Gisselle in Atlanta?

Their beef started when Kris was dating Devin, and Gisselle was the alleged side piece. Gisselle took online trolling to a new level, threatening Kris from fake pages and even pulling off some bizarre stunts, like getting cozy with Devin in front of security cameras.

But fast forward to the present, Kris is in a new relationship, and her confrontation with Gisselle is about respect, not Devin. Kris just wanted to see if Gisselle could keep that same energy in her neck of the woods.

Kris asked, “Why are you in my city without checking in?” And Gisselle’s response? Well, let’s just say it didn’t exactly defuse the situation. In the end, Kris was the one who kept the energy alive, and it looked like she punched a one-way ticket to drama town.

About Devin Haney – Who Is “The Dream”

Devin Haney, hailing from Las Vegas, has become synonymous with boxing greatness in recent years.

Holding titles in the WBO, IBF, and WBA lightweight divisions, he made history in June 2022 by becoming the first undisputed lightweight champion in the four-belt era. However, in a surprising turn of events, the WBC declared the title vacant in August 2023, naming Haney a champion in recess. This setback, though, does little to diminish his remarkable career.

Haney boasts impressive victories against Vasiliy Lomachenko, George Kambosos Jr. (twice), and Jorge Linares, showcasing his undeniable talent and resilience.

His journey to the top is even more astonishing, beginning as the youngest boxer to ever fight at the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas. His nickname, “The Dream,” is apt, given his unwavering determination and early success.

Before reaching stardom, Haney accumulated an impressive amateur record of 130 wins to 8 losses and became a 7-time national champion. He even joined the USA Junior National Boxing Team at just 14 years old, earning medals in international competitions.

Haney’s story is of determination, talent, and the unwavering support of his family and mentors, including his father and trainer, Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Devin shared a photo on his Instagram with the caption, “UNDISPUTED!!! #Alhamdulillah #TheDream”

Devin shared a photo on his Instagram with the caption, “UNDISPUTED!!! #Alhamdulillah #TheDream”

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